DC Universe's Swamp Thing Has Been Canceled, Remainder Of Season 1 Will Air

DC Universe’s newest original series, Swamp Thing, has only aired one episode of its first season, and while it’s still early, it will not be picked up for a second season, GameSpot has learned. However, all 10 episodes of Season 1 will air on the DC streaming service, leading up to the finale on August 2.

Swamp Thing’s first episode was critically acclaimed, but that doesn’t matter, as GameSpot can confirm the show will not return for a second season. This was quite the shock, as the first episode of the series was horrifyingly good. “The first episode was surprisingly well put together and exceeded expectations, which is a task considering DC Universe’s track record of A+ original series thus far,” GameSpot said in its review of the first episode.

The new DC Universe series strayed a bit from what subscribers have seen in previous originals, as Swamp Thing was not a superhero show by any means, and it laid heavily into the horror genre. From the first two episodes we saw, the series is dark, adult, and at times, extremely violent.

This isn’t the first time controversy has surrounded the show. Towards the end of filming, there were reports that the final three episodes of the series were canceled. Allegedly, Warner Brothers was deciding what to do with the subsidiary streaming service, as the company makes moves to get into the streaming game sometime in 2019. However, DC Universe’s subscriber base was stronger than ever at the time, and these reports were denied.

The Swamp Thing cancellation comes as a surprise as DC Universe has been growing its service over the past few months. Aside from airing a new episode of an original series every single week, Season 2 of Titans is coming down the pipeline, and the comic book side of the service just got a major upgrade, adding thousands of newer titles. Currently, DC Universe costs $8 per month or $75 annually.

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