Daybreak on Netflix – release date, trailer, cast and what's it about?

DAYBREAK – an upcoming dark zombie comedy – is set to make quite the impact when it premieres on Netflix next month.

The 10-episode series, which is based on Brian Ralph’s graphic novel, has a stellar cast attached to the project, but what else should you know before catching it on the streaming platform?

When is Daybreak premiering on Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed that the official release date for Daybreak will be on Thursday, October 24.

As mentioned, there will be a total of ten episodes for fans to watch.

Episodes are usually made available at 12:01 am, but subscribers are being warned that it could potentially take until sunrise before the episodes can be streamed.

The recent premiere of new seasons from shows such as Top Boy and 13 Reasons Why experienced a similar rollout, so we’re not expecting anything different this time around.

What is the Netflix show about?

Netflix subscribers shouldn’t expect this to be a typical high school comedy, that’s for sure.

High school can be a rough time for any young teenager, but matters take a turn for the worse as an apocalypse causes chaos in the neighbourhood of Glendale, California.

17-year-old Josh is on a mission to find his missing girlfriend Sam following the disaster, and in order to get through the endless obstacles that come his way, he’s joined by a number of misfits.

They include 12-year-old Angelica and Josh’s former high school bully Wesley.

Not only is Josh desperate to find Sam, but he’s also on high alert over the Mad Max-style gangs called Ghoulies, but will he be able to escape death and find his girl?

Better yet, how will Josh adapt to life after the apocalypse?

An official synopsis for Daybreak reads: “High school isn’t the end of the world… until it is.”

“In this post-apocalyptic, genre-bending series, the city of Glendale, California is populated by marauding gangs of jocks, gamers, the 4-H Club, and other fearsome tribes who are kicking ass as they fight to survive in the wake of a nuclear blast.”

“Following an eclectic group of survivors as they navigate this strange and treacherous world, Daybreak is part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale. This Generation A-series is rated TV-MA.”

Who’s in the Daybreak cast?

  • Matthew Broderick
  • Austin Crute
  • Colin Ford
  • Jeante Godlock
  • Gregory Kasyan
  • Cody Kearsley
  • Alyvia AlynLind
  • Austin Maas
  • Krysta Rodriguez
  • Sophie Simnett
  • Chelsea Zhang

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