David blames himself as Max in Coronation Street faces 15 years in prison

Out of his depth – that’s the phrase we’d use to describe David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) during tonight’s Coronation Street.

The end of last week saw a terrifying event unfold at Speed Daal.

Blake, Max’s old school bully, headed into the restaurant holding a knife with a plan to target Maria (Samia Longchambon), who had organised a drop-in centre.

When Blake pulled out the weapon, Alya jumped in front of Maria, causing her to sustain a stab wound to the stomach.

Following Max’s (Paddy Bever) arrest – which only happened because Blake told the police that the propaganda videos inspired him to go on the stabbing spree – David was stressed, running around trying to find the money to pay for Harriet’s work as his son’s lawyer.

He turned to Audrey (Sue Nicholls) for help, but once Stephen (Todd Boyce) got involved, it looked as though none of David’s family wanted to support Max.

Heading to the hearing, David waited patiently for Max to deliver his plea and, to his shock, the teen told the court he was guilty.

During a phone call, David listened to a numb and withdrawn Max, who believed it was time to face the consequences for his actions – the same ones that nearly killed Alya.

Back at home, David told Gail (Helen Worth) that the situation with Max is all his fault, he could’ve done more to stop him falling into the extremism gang and now, as the teenager faces potentially 15 years behind bars, all he’s done is let Max and Kylie (David’s ex and Max’s mum) down.

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