Danny Sebastian nationality: Where was Bargain Hunt expert born?

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Bargain Hunt continues to go strong with the BBC repeating episodes of the beloved antique gameshow daily. The show sees novice antique hunters going head-to-head to find precious items from shops and fairs they can sell off at auction for the greatest profit. The team bagging the most cash will win the episode – but the contestants always get a little help from experts including the likes of Danny Sebastian, David Harper and Eric Knowles, among others.

Where was Bargain Hunt expert Danny Sebastian born?

This afternoon will see Danny and David helping the red and blue team in their quest for antiques with a budget of £300 to spend, which they will be hoping to turn into much more at an auction in Maidenhead.

British antique expert Danny was born in Northampton and his family hails from the Dominican Republic.

Danny was interested in antiques from an early age and went to auction houses with his mother from the age of eight.

Growing up he was taught how to make good thinks out of junk and he has an expertise in 20th century antique furniture.

He also started collecting obscure, unwanted items which are likely to have fostered his love of repurposing used goods.

Danny’s father tragically died when he was 15 and as a youngster, he had to earn his own living by working in warehouses.

He later set up a business buying and selling goods as he built up his now encyclopeadic knowledge of vintage items and antiques.

Along with Bargain Hunt, Danny has also made television appearances on Wheelers, Dealers and Del Boys, CBeebies’ Junk Rescue, Dealing with Dickinson, and Street Auction.

More recently, he appeared on Channel 5’s Big Antique Adventure With Susan Calman, where he along with Paul Martin and Natasha Raskin Sharp aided the Scottish comedian as she forayed into antiquities.

During the show, Danny displayed the art of upcycling old goods and giving them a new lease of life.

Calman said of the expert: “The other thing is with the upcycling that Danny does is there is a real thing about making more of what we have instead of making new things.

“I’ve got a toaster I am determined to put in my garden and make something of it instead of sending it to landfill!”

Reflecting on entering the industry, Danny told the BBC: “Luckily I was ready for a career move and then I was very fortunate and worked with a big celebrity player in the antique game, I then saw an auction house full of mid-20th century gear and instantly knew antiques was for me. I do also like the big mark ups if you find something special!”

He went on to say: “If I was not working in the antique trade, I would probably be trying to fulfil one of my dreams of setting up a charity, and then export people’s cast offs from the UK and send them to the more deprived islands in the Caribbean.”

Danny advised those hoping to get into the antique business to absorb as much information as possible and buy the best quality goods available, as well as inspecting as many items as possible.

The expert said Bargain Hunt continued to appeal to fans because of the fun and competitive nature of the series, along with the degree of unpredictability.

Danny said his favourite part of Bargain Hunt was the selling, explaining: “It’s always a sweet feeling when you’ve sold something and achieved a good profit.”

He encouraged people to appear in Bargain Hunt both to get a sense of how hard the trade could be, but also get the chance to buy and sell antiques to make a profit.

When Danny isn’t working, he enjoys walking his dog, dancing and dining.

The star is said to live in his home in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire with his partner Joanne and their three daughters, according to management site DML-UK.

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays on BBC One at 12.15pm

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