Danny Dyer says he can't sneak off for daytime sex with wife Jo because it 'repulses' daughter Sunnie, 13

DANNY Dyer has revealed that he can't sneak off for daytime sex with his wife Joanne Mas because it "repulses" their daughter Sunnie.

The 43-year-old actor joked that he's been trying to squeeze in a "roll about" with his partner but keeps getting caught.

The star also said that his 13-year-old daughter is "disgusted by her parents  tongueing" in the middle of the day.

Comedian Katherine Ryan joined the Dyers for their straight-talking podcast and admitted that she has exactly the same problem.

The Duchess star, who has 11-year-old daughter Violet, said she is a "whole different person" as she approaches her teens.

Danny joked: "She [Sunni] keeps on catching us  tongueing, we're having some issues.

"We're trying to nick a moment because we've got kids up our a** constantly. It's hard to have a roll about."

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, Katherine agreed: "That's exactly the problem, I think a lot of the nation, I don't know if you've addressed this issues but what's your advice on that because my husband and I are the same?

"They're just on us like a spy, they're so disgusted by that at age 12 or 13."

Danny concurred: "Really repulsed, she doesn't think it goes on during the day."

Dani added: "She thinks it's a night-time thing. Can you get a lock on your door?"

The EastEnders actor replied: "But then it's obvious that mummy is, you know…"

He and Joanne, who share three children, have been dating since 1992 and married since 2016.

The soap star recently joked he has "absolutely nothing in common" with his wife.

He said: "Me and you mother have got absolutely nothing in common. We haven't really."

He added that they were "chalk and cheese" but insisted: "It raises debate because we don't really agree on much.

"Every conversation ends in a row. But it's always interesting and it keeps it lively. I find her fascinating.

"The fact she's into the s**t she's into and she can't believe the stuff I'm into. It does sort of work."

The pair finally tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony in Hampshire five years ago.

Danny told Hello!: "To be standing here with the girl I grew up with – looking so beautiful in her wedding dress – that is a lovely thing.

“Jo is my best girl – the love of my life. Without her, I would be nothing.”

Joanne said: “I have dreamed about this day my whole life and I just wanted it to be perfect.”

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