Dancing On Ice's Faye Brookes training 5 hours a day for place in the final

DANCING On Ice star Faye Brookes has been working up a sweat training five hours a day for a place in the final.

It comes as her show rivals Colin Jackson, Sonny Jay and rapper Lady Leshur, have all "stepped up their game" dramatically for the semi-finals.

Faye, 33, has been burning up to 800 calories a day skating on the ice ahead of Sunday's live Dancing on Ice show.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, her skate pro partner Matt Evers said: "At this point we're doing about five hours on the ice, easily 800 calories a day we are burning.

Faye's in great shape and has been bringing in meal preps of vegan chilli and chicken Katsu curry -she brings it for me as well as she knows I'm so busy I can forget to eat.

"Sonny Jay, Lady Leshurr and Colin are in it to win it. They have all stepped up their game this week. The competition could be anyone's."

Each star will skate to two numbers this weekend, so the pressure is on.

Matt said: "We are doing a very sentimental skate this Sunday.

"It will be emotional for Faye – so we've been busy non-stop rehearsing that and a lot of new tricks. "

It hasn't been plain sailing though and the duo have both ended up falling on the ice a few times.

Matt said: "We've ended up on our butts on the ice a few times this week trying new moves.

"It hasn't been easy, but everyone is putting in the work. All of the contestants -it will be a great show on Sunday."

Matt, who has partnered up with all of the show's biggest stars including Gemma Collins, was called in last minute to partner up with Faye after her partner Hamish Gaman was forced to leave the show after a hand injury.

Matt had orginally been partnered up with Denise Van Outen who was devastated when she was forced to pull out of Dancing On Ice after a brutal shoulder injury after the first week.

Matt said: "It's been tough having to start from scratch and choreograph new routines with a new partner.

"I was sitting at home not knowing what I was going to do when I got the call – as I had to isolate again.

"Living with Denise was really great. I was part of her bubble with Eddie and Betsy.

"But when Denise had to leave the show that all came to an end.

"I had missed my family so much, spending Christmas alone and not being able to go home to America and see my elderly parents because of the pandemic was hard.

"So I'm lucky to get this second chance on the show.

"It's going to be a great show on Sunday -it's props week so you'll see everyone has been working so hard to learn new tricks."

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