Dan Walker asks MP are you taking this seriously? as Tory sleaze row turns tense

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker was left "exasperated" after he engaged in an awkward conversation with MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan regarding reported sleaze in the Conservative party.

The Secretary of State for International Trade appeared on the morning programme to discuss the upcoming emergency debate for MPs to discuss the ongoing accusations of Government corruption.

Despite Dan's clear cut approach, MP Anne-Marie appeared to avoid Dan's questions on the meeting and provide long-winded answers which left him asking whether she was taking matters "seriously".

During the tense interview with MP Anne-Marie on the matter, Dan asked: "Forgive me, I am not trying to be rude, it just seems like you're being quite dismissive of what I think are genuine concerns from lots of people about issues they see in the Conservative party and an important debate today.

"I know you are saying there are other things the Prime Minister has to focus on – but should he be at a debate like this and are you taking it seriously?"

She replied: "So, every Parliamentarian takes every debate seriously that is where we discuss and make progress on issues every day."

However, Dan, 44, interrupted Anne-Marie and reminded her that he is not discussing the "general Parliamentary process."

Appearing frustrated the journalist said: "You're just talking about generalities, I am actually asking you specifically about concerns from people who have put you in power about sleaze in your party."

However, the MP was adamant that her views remained the same and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a lot of difficult questions that he answer.

Viewers also noticed, Anne-Marie's lack of straight answers and headed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the interview.

One fan commented: "Don't get exasperated Dan, you don't honestly expect a straight answer from an MP do you?"

Another said: "Thank God there is no sleaze. What a waste of 20 minutes with a politician. Not for the first time."

Meanwhile a third chimed in and said: "Is anyone in the least bit convinced that the Tory minister actually believes what she is saying?"

"Surprise surprise a tory MP avoiding direct questions," a fourth added.

The Liberal Democrats recently called for a statutory public inquiry into Mr Johnson's administration.

The news comes after the Conservatives attempted to block an immediate 30-day Commons suspension of the MP Owen Paterson after it was discovered that he had broken Parliament rules.

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