Criminal season 2 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Netflix dropped its ambitious new drama Criminal on Friday, September 20 with all 12 episodes available to binge-watch. The show delivers 12 standalone episodes all based around police interrogations with viewers trying to determine the innocence or guilt of each suspect. Criminal is perhaps one of the most exciting new experiments from Netflix, which continues to shake up the television landscape.

Will there be another series of Criminal on Netflix? has approached Netflix for comment on whether Criminal is going to be recommissioned.

However, it’s too early to say either way as the streaming platform only dropped the series recently.

The streaming giant will be looking carefully at the viewing figures as usual before making a decision.

However, the programme-makers are keen for more after showrunners George Kay and Jim Field Smith told Cosmopolitan: “We hope there will be more, we’re talking about it at the minute.”

“We hope to bring this arena to more people [worldwide], because that’s how I think the show can evolve and keep breathing.

“We’d love to do more UK episodes, but until we see how people react to this show we’re not 100 percent sure what to do next. We’re still delivering it right now.”

When will Criminal season 2 be released?

A release date will be dependent on if and when the show gets the green light and how the writers want to proceed.

The first run came out in September and if there’s a renewal soon, viewers could get a follow-up this time next year.

Season two could also comprise of 12 episodes which will be released altogether. will update this article when more details are available about Criminal season two.

Who will be the cast of Criminal season 2?

The cast will depend on the direction the showrunners wish to take and if they want to bring back some of the existing characters.

Field Smith said: “We do leave it on a major cliffhanger with some of the police officers.

“We wanted to make episodes and a series satisfying. We don’t know how this is going to go, it’s never been done before.

“We wanted to make a show that was really satisfying and to see if it flies.”

Given the universal appeal of crime drama and police procedurals, the drama could conceivably see the action taking place on another continent perhaps Asia, South America or Africa.

In all likelihood, season two could see the action moving to completely different countries.

This suggests season two could have new cast members from that particular nation. So it will be unlikely that we will see characters from season one unless there is a crossover.

What will happen in Criminal season 2?

Criminal, in some respects, is riding the wave of Line of Duty and its hallmark interrogation scenes.

Season two is likely to see more of the same from the show with police interrogations with a distinct flavour depending on which country the episode is set in.

The format is likely to see four different nations featured and three stories set in each country – just like the first run.

Kay said of the distinct format of the show: “Normally what we’ve done in a crime drama would be one scene in a crime drama, but we’ve spun it into the whole show.

“The twists have to come from something other than finding a piece of evidence, it has to come from human behaviour. The rise of an eyebrow, the change in breathing.

“These things that seem so small, suddenly become vast in the show.”

Criminal is available to watch on Netflix now

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