'Counting On': Could the Coronavirus Shutdown Spell Doom for the Duggar Family's TV Series?

CountingOn aired the final episode of its 10th season in December 2019. Since then,several of the Duggar siblings have been busy picking up social mediasponsorships and crafting content for YouTube.Their recent activity has led some followers to believe the end is near for thefamily’s reality TV show. It, however, appeared as though an 11thseason was in the works. That was before the Coronavirus took hold in theUnited States and caused mass shutdowns across the entertainment industry,though. Now, with the virus continuing to spread, many believe the show is inperil. Could the Coronavirus spell doom for the long-running TLC show?

Fans believed the show’s 11th season would be it’s last

Before the Coronavirus became a massive concern across theworld, family followers suspected Counting On was nearing the end of itsrun. TLC had long controlled the type of content the Duggar family could produce,and howfamily announcements could be made. That has changed significantly inrecent months.

The Duggar kids have taken to social media and YouTube,sharing news as they see fit. The fact that TLC is no longer keeping a tightleash on the family could indicate that their contract has officially ended, orwill in the near future. Neither TLC nor the Duggar family has commented onthat speculation, though.

How will the Coronavirus impact the upcoming season?

Even though the Duggar siblings have been free to producecontent of their own, an additional season of Counting On was in theworks. JingerDuggar added a shot of the camera crew to her Instagram Story before thestate of California went into lockdown. It is assumed that TLC, like othernetworks that produce onsite reality TV shows, ordered the camera crews to headback home. MTV did the same with the personnel that was working on TeenMom 2.

Without additional footage, TLC has a couple of options whenit comes to the series’ 11th season. They could choose to continuefilming after restrictions or lifted, effectively pushing back the season’s airdate, they could offer fans an abbreviated season with the footage that exists,or they could scrap the idea, and walk away from the Duggar family entirely.

Will TLC continue filming when restrictions are lifted?

TheHollywood Gossip notes that the production company behind Counting Oncould decide to avoid filming when restrictions are finally lifted. In fact,the publication argues the current pandemic may result in the total cancelationof the long-running series.

Why would that be the case? The Duggar family hasn’t beeninteresting in years. Family followers note that the series has grown stale,and theDuggar kids are actually crafting more exciting content on their own. Withdwindling viewership and mounting scandals, the current entertainment hiatusmay be the perfect exit strategy for the production company, who, for reasonsthat remain unclear, has hung in there with the Duggars long past their perceivedexpiration date.

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