'Counting On': Amy Duggar King Reveals Joy-Anna Duggar Had To Leave Her Baby Shower Early

Amy Duggar King (aka Cousin Amy) is part of the Counting On baby boom in 2019, as she and her husband Dylan King are expecting their first child this fall. Amy recently had a baby shower and the four other pregnant women in the Duggar family posed with her for a picture that pretty much broke the internet.

However, fans couldn’t help but comment on how the picture might have affected Joy-Anna Duggar who lost a child just a few weeks prior. Amy then followed up with another post of all of the women at her shower, but Joy-Anna was missing. Amy revealed that her cousin was part of her shower, but she had to leave the shower early. And, she also gave fans some insight on how her cousin was dealing with her heartbreaking summer.

Joy-AnnaDuggar suffered a miscarriage in late June

For a few short months, Joy-Anna and herhusband Austin Forsyth were part of the Duggar baby boom. They announced inearly May that they were expecting their second child who was due in the fall,but in July they revealed the heartbreaking news that Joy had suffered amiscarriage.

The couple posted on Instagram that they wentin for their 20-week ultrasound and gender reveal, but the doctors couldn’tfind a heartbeat or see any movement. Joy had to deliver her stillborn, whichwas a daughter they named Annabell Elise.

“Although we don’t understand why, God hasgiven us unexplainable peace and comfort during this very difficult time. Yes,it still hurts and we have cried countless tears, but we know that we can trustthe Lord,” wrote the couple.

They added that they don’t grieve as those who have no hope because they trust that one day they will see their little one again. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth also said that it was a precious thing to know that the first thing their daughter saw when she opened her eyes was the face of Jesus.

CousinAmy’s baby shower was packed with Duggar females

When Amy posted a second pic from her August23rd baby shower, just about every Duggar female was there. From her AuntMichelle to baby Ivy Jane, everyone smiled for the camera, and the only twofemales missing were Joy-Anna and Jinger Duggar.

In her caption, the mom-to-be thanked everyonefor attending her “baby sprinkle” and for all of their “love, support, jokes,hugs, and quality time together.” She then explained why there were two peoplemissing.

Amy wrote that Jinger was part of the showervia FaceTime, as she was in her new home in California. And, Amy also said thatJoy-Anna was there but had to leave early, which was why she wasn’t in the bigfamily photo. However, she did give her a few extra hugs before she left.

Amy wrapped things up by writing that sheloves how everyone in her family encourages each other, builds each other up,prays for each other, and stands together even though they are walking throughdifferent phases of their lives.

Amy’spost was a response to concerned fans

After Amy showcased the five pregnant Duggar women at her shower, she followed up with the second post a few days later in response to fans’ concerns about Joy-Anna Duggar. According to Cafe Mom, the comments were pouring in about Amy not including Joy.

Amy explained why Joy wasn’t in any of herpics, but she didn’t say exactly why Joy had to leave early. When one fancommented that they felt bad for Joy-Anna because this has to be a difficulttime for her, Amy responded by writing, “She is a beautiful person and is sostrong. We all love her so much!”

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Showing up at a family baby shower had to bebeyond difficult for the 21-year-old, but she appears to be handling everythingwith grace and strength. She has even popped up on social media in recent weeksto show off the RV she is living in with Austin and their 18-month-old sonGideon while they renovate a home to sell. And, she also posted a pic of thetwo men in her life getting ready for church in matching outfits.

New episodes of Counting On will return to TLC in October.

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