‘Costa del Scarborough is the new Benidorm, but it’s far from marvs – or Marbs’

Someone alert the Spanish ­authorities – Benidorm has ­drifted to the Yorkshire coast. And I’m not sure I’m thrilled about it.

Following the cancellation of the Spanish comedy after 11 years, its creator Derren Litten has penned another show, set closer to home.

The result is BBC1’s Scarborough, another brash, gaudy character-led series that hit screens on Friday night.

It started well enough, with Stephanie Cole’s character Marion ­moaning about the state of daytime telly – she’s obviously been watching Tenable.

Then she complained to daughter Karen, played by ex-Weatherfield resident Catherine Tyldesley, that her soup needed to be cooked “properly in a pan”.

The Ship, where everyone heads to down pints and sing karaoke, was ­mentioned in the first five minutes.

So we’ve got the seaside, a pub, moaning Brits and karaoke – so far, so Benidorm. Except that the characters are a little less ­permatanned and generally wearing more clothes. Not a bad thing.

“Some folks should realise they’re ­annoying when they talk, never mind ­having a crack at Shirley Bassey,” sniped Marion. We know, we watched Benidorm.

We quickly learned Karen has an on-off relationship with Mike, played by comic Jason Manford. Current status was “off” because she caught him kissing Hayley Cox round the back of the crab stall.

Insult to injury, he was supposed to be singing Everlasting Love with her. It’s these tragicomic details Litten is best at.

But everything soon descended into end-of-the-pier comedy, with jokes about Jimmy Savile – aren’t we over that one? – and the obligatory toilet humour.

In the hair salon where Karen works, Mrs Bookham told us about her ablutions and how she needed a lot of loo roll. Excuse me while I stick my sides back together. Later, Mrs Bookham was dead on the toilet after straining too much.

In better news, Claire Sweeney was a breath of fresh air, doing all she could with one-dimensional character Hayley.

Complete with bouffant hair, leopard print, cleavage and red lippy, maneater Hayley is straight out of the 90s.

Her boyfriend is local wannabe gangster Tony Peroni, played by Jake Canuso, aka Benidorm’s Mateo.

As per expectations, everything reached a dramatic peak in The Ship. The curry pie rumours were put to rest, the hair salon staff drank to get over toiletgate, Karen sobbed over her failing relationship and Jason Manford belted out a song.

At least he can sing. But I think I’d rather he just went on Celebrity X Factor.

This soap opera-style comedy was not my cup of Yorkshire. But let’s hope it warms up.

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