Corrie’s Maximus Evans hints Corey ‘could kill again’ as death confirmed

Coronation Street star Maximus Evans has hinted that his character Corey Brent could kill again if the chance arose.

Viewers were left fuming when killer Corey was found not guilty at trial for the brutal murder of Seb Franklin – with Kelly Neelan going to prison in his place.

But as super soap week approaches, with Abi securing a gun to take out her revenge on her son's murderer, Corey could be backed into another corner.

The pair find themselves trapped down a sinkhole together as the Horror-Nation Street events go on above, oblivious to their plight.

But could Corey kill Abi? Max thinks so, as he told Daily Star and other publications: "As we saw in court, Corey is willing to do anything.

"If the opportunity is there and he knows that it could work in his favour, without a doubt it could happen. Never say never."

But actor Max was just as taken aback with the brutal hate crime scenes as the rest of the audience was, as he explained: "Because we've seen the killing now and how brutal it was – when I was doing it, I was stopping myself and saying to Harry [Visinoni], 'This is crazy!'"

And Max does want to see Corey's downfall – eventually.

"It was so crazy to film, because I didn’t realise how far they wanted to take it. So when those episodes came out, I was with everyone else – I just want to see the guy behind bars as much as the next man!

"But it’s about when that happens, and if it happens now. But he definitely does deserve it, without a doubt."

On Corey's verdict, though, he definitely thinks the writers made the right choice.

Max said: "I first heard about [the verdict] a couple of months ago and I was really happy about it. I definitely think it was the right choice the writers made, because I just think it adds that extra layer to the storyline for the characters.

"I think it's really good character development for Corey but also for Kelly.

"Her going down for the murder after we, the audience, know she had not as heavy involvement as Corey did – it adds that sympathy.

"I think a character like Kelly needs that because she’s currently on this redemption arc… I think it was the right choice, without a doubt."

Filming for the upcoming stunt week involved a lot of night shoots, which Max admitted "can go either way".

"Everyone give 110 percent, and in the end you get the best result, but you know it's going to be a long night," he said.

"Working with Sally Carman… I think Sally is without a doubt one of the best actresses we have on the show, the same goes for David Neilson.

"They're two actors I admire deeply from before this storyline kicked off, so to be involved in such a big scale production as Corrie is great, but when you're working with the likes of Sally it makes my day so much easier and nicer."

He added: "As much as the screen doesn't say it, we do get on quite well!"

But it takes him a few seconds to snap out of character from filming a scene, he explained.

"I’m not some method actor that sits in his dressing room in solemn silence – I like to really be involved in the process, and you can’t do that without having a bit of fun!" Max chuckled.

"I think it takes [me and Sally] a couple of seconds to get out of character.

"I was talking to Mollie [Gallagher] a few months ago and she said the exact same thing, that my face is obviously Corey’s face."

He explained: "I can see why it's hard for them to not be able to switch off from looking at me as Corey, but as soon as the cameras have stopped rolling and we're done with the scene, then we're back to having a good laugh."

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