Corrie airs emotional exit for Norris Cole

Coronation Street tonight aired emotional scenes which saw Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) say goodbye and leave his beloved community and friends behind. Norris had been having doubts about moving away after realising how much he’d miss the likes of Mary (Patti Clare) and Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox).

Norris is heading back to Edinburgh to marry Freda and, having already waved off Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and the kids this week, Mary was already feeling vulnerable and short of pals so Norris’ news that he was departing imminently shook her.

Norris enjoyed catching up with his friends and reminiscing with them in the Rovers and it was clear that he was thoughtful over whether he was doing the right thing. But eventually he decided to stand by his decision and he just about held his composure as he hugged his pals goodbye.

Mary, however, let all her emotions out as soon as he disappeared around the corner as she sang to him before breaking down in tears. And Norris looked out over the Street and wistfully said how much he would miss it – but he hasn’t necessarily left for good as plans are in place for a permanent return.

Show boss Iain MacLeod recently told ‘One hundred per cent Norris is not leaving the show. We just thought that given the circumstances given we find ourselves in it made sense to put a family in number three but it’s certainly not the end of Norris. On both our parts we hope to have him back for good.’

Let’s hope that he arrives back soon and reclaims his beloved sweeping brush back from Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) – the Street won’t be the same without the king of gossip himself.

Next week, brand new family the Baileys will move into No.3.

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