Coronation Street’s Joseph Brown exit fears as Chesney bids farewell to his son

Coronation Street's Joseph Brown could be set to leave the cobbles for the foreseeable future next week, as spoilers have teased his exit storyline.

After running away from home to leave a desperate Chesney and Gemma launching a police appeal to find him, it's clear Joseph still isn't settling back into family life with the Browns struggling financially.

Things only got more complicated when Bernie ended up taking some of the reward money to help feed and clothe the family – and Hope's lies only muddied the waters.

And the appearance of his grandmother Linda last week seemed to herald a change as the truth about his disappearance came out.

But could she go a step further and take her grandson back to the sunny shores of Portugal?

Next week, Linda shows up at No. 5 to collect Joseph for school, while a downtrodden Chesney tells Gemma it's time he accepts that his grandma can offer him a better life abroad.

Chesney bites the bullet and tells his son that he's prepared to let him move to Portugal with Granny Linda – but Joseph is inwardly gutted.

Chesney later meets up with Linda in the Rovers Return and tells her that she can offer his son the life he deserves.

But the timeline is soon sped up, as Linda calls at No. 5 and explains that an emergency means her schedule has shifted and she must fly back to Portugal tonight.

Reeling in shock, Chesney is adamant to Gemma that he only has Joseph's best interests at heart.

Outside the house, an emotional Chesney, Gemma, Bernie, Fiz, Hope and Ruby wave Joseph and Linda off in their taxi. Fiz urges her daughter Hope to tell Chesney what Joseph told her in confidence.

When Hope reveals that Joseph didn't want to emigrate to Portugal but feared his parents couldn't afford to keep him, Chesney soon realises he's made the worst decision of his life.

A panicky Chesney and Gemma set off for the airport in pursuit of Joseph – but will they reach him in time?

Later, both grandmothers Bernie and Linda accept that the one thing that binds them together in a common cause is their love for Joseph.

But what is really best for the youngster? And will he stay, or go for good?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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