Coronation Street viewers left baffled as Gemma’s quads mysteriously ‘disappear’

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Coronation Street fans were left baffled on Monday's episode, as four central characters appeared to mysteriously disappear from their screens.

During Monday's double-bill, viewers saw Linda return to help her grandson Joseph out while Bernie, Gemma and Chesney struggled to keep things balanced at home.

And when the quadruplets came down with an infectious illness, Joseph was kicked out of his own bedroom to make space for the ailing toddlers – with Cleo vomiting on his only pair of jeans.

But fans were baffled by the scenes, as they couldn't recall the last time they'd seen any of the four quads on-screen.

Turning to Twitter, one confused viewer wrote: "Those are some seriously quiet quads. Are they invisible?"

"See more of the washing than we do the quads!" another posted, while a third fan echoed: "Do those quads ever come downstairs?"

Someone else said: "Do the quads live in the bedroom?"

As a fifth said: "How is it so messy when the quads are never downstairs?!"

"Can any watchers of Corrie get over so many scenes in Chesney's house but never any sight of their four quads!" another fumed.

The last major storyline the quads were involved in came when Freda temporarily kidnapped Aled to stop Gemma going ahead with his cochlear implant operation.

Otherwise, they've been relatively quiet since their initial arrival, which saw Gemma and Chesney scoop a deal from Freshcos to use the quads in an advertising campaign – though Gemma still diligently uses sign language as a nod to her deaf son.

But since then, their financial reality has hit – meaning clothing Joseph has been put on the back-burner as the family struggle to cope with the demands of taking care of five children.

Elsewhere in the episode, Joseph's gran Linda toyed with the idea of taking him back to Portugal with her, as she took him to spend the night in a fancy hotel away from his sick siblings.

And when the truth came out about her grandson attempting to steal from Fiz's purse, she became even more concerned for his welfare.

But fans weren't too keen on the idea, as one posted: "OMG Linda's actually [trying to] take Joseph back to live with her permanently seriously?

"Surely Ches isn't gonna agree though right? Neither her or Owen have even bothered about their precious grandson ever since poor Katy died, Izzy either really?"

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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