Coronation Street spoilers: Pregnant Grace moves in with Michael, Aggie and Ed

MICHAEL Bailey tries to persuade Grace Vickers to move in with him, Aggie and Ed next week in Coronation Street. 

Grace Vickers returned to the cobbles in the new year as a paternity test revealed Michael is the father of her baby. 

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Viewers will see Grace tell Michael she’s planning on moving to Hull to live with her aunty for a fresh start. 

Michael panics at the thought of being apart from Grace and the baby and asks her to move in with him. 

Can Grace be trusted this time?

And how will Aggie and Jamie – who were horrified to discover that Michael had agreed to support Grace and the baby following her lies – react to the news?

Grace spent months pretending that Tiana, who Grace was just babysitting, was their daughter last year. 

Michael had initially done a runner when Grace told him she was pregnant and, given the timeline, he assumed Tiana was his daughter when he spotted them at a supermarket at the end of 2019.

But after Michael tried to kidnap Tiana when Grace revealed she was taking her to Spain, the police revealed that Grace was the child’s nanny – and she’d been stringing him along.

Michael turned Grace into the police, but soon regretted his decision when she told him she’s pregnant from prison and that the baby is his.

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