Coronation Street split as young couple are torn apart forever by life-changing decision?

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James Bailey (played by Nathan Graham) and Danny Tomlinson (Dylan Brady) are currently one of the happiest couples living on Coronation Street. No affairs or secrets have threatened their relationship before and the latter has become an extended member of the infamous clan on the ITV soap. However, in upcoming episodes, it seems they might have to go their separate ways when Danny puts himself first and maps out his future, possibly without James.

The drama follows on from this week’s instalments of the weeknight serial drama where Danny is scouted for his culinary talents.

Unfortunately, it will be explained the role is in London and he turns to Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) for advice on what to say to James.

When the boys have a heart to heart, Danny will reject the offer as he doesn’t want to leave his boyfriend who has a successful football career.

However, in next week’s episodes, James’ uncle will have a word with him as the sportsman seems naïve to the fact his partner made the sacrifice for him.

Needing to get answers, the youngest Bailey son confronts his other half and asks him if he turned down the job because he wanted to or whether it was to do with their relationship.

When they face the reality of their situation, it seems the boys know what needs to be done in order to progress in the future.

This is James’ first relationship since coming out as a gay man and Danny supported him when he spoke openly about his sexuality in the press.

The last thing the young footballer would want to do is split from his boyfriend but he also knows how life-changing the job could be for him.

Mustering up the courage to speak his mind, James finally tells his partner to follow his dreams and leave for London.

It seems heartbreak is on the horizon for the pair but viewers will have to wait to see what decision Danny decides to make.

It’s had a positive reaction

Nathan Graham

The pair have made history on the show and the actor who plays James, Nathan, has explained why his character’s sexuality storyline has been important.

He said: “I think it’s had a positive reaction so far. Nobody wants to be the first of this new generation, I guess that’s how anyone would feel.

“It’s a real shame that people don’t feel that they can come out because I feel like we’ve moved on,” the soap star told the Mirror.

“People are, I think, more accepting of everyone. Hopefully, there is someone that’s a catalyst for more players to come out,” he added.

Executive producer Iain MacLeod also explained when it was announced James was being introduced to the show why the writers had decided to explore this storyline.

Iain told the press, including “We were quite keen that James knew who he was but had some apprehensiveness about telling his parents

“And some apprehensiveness about his teammates finding out – when we met the character he was on the cusp of bigger things football-wise.

“And he was also aware that despite the process that we’ve made as a society, in lots of areas, homophobia on the terraces is fairly rampant.

“He was scared about the reaction. But not because he was worried that his family will reject him. It was more about football.

“It’s a big moment for anybody to sit your family down. We wanted to make this a very modern coming-out story rather than the ones we’ve seen.”

With James’ sexuality now out in the open and the youngster settling well into life in Weatherfield, his opening storyline has almost come full circle.

As it does, this means it would be the perfect time for Danny to make an exit from the show so his boyfriend can explore his sexuality.

They would both be able to explore a whole world of possibilities outside the realms of their relationship and would be able to find love again.

Viewers are likely to see James heartbroken his romance with the chef has come to an end but his popularity would mean it wouldn’t be too long before he found a new lover.

If Danny were to leave, it would bring an end to actor Dylan’s second stint on the show after returning to the cobbles earlier this year.

Speaking when he joined the programme in a guest capacity, Dylan said: “My family, who still live in Derby, are so proud.

“It’s exciting for them because it’s a show that they know so well. The support I’ve had has been overwhelming.

“My mum is so proud because this is the sort of thing she wanted to do but the opportunities weren’t out there for her.

“My dad was a little bit more worried about me ‘getting a proper job’ and wanted me to do a degree in English or something, so it’s nice for him to see me doing well in my chosen field.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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