Coronation Street scandal as Imran Habeeb loses everything in Lydia blackmail twist?

Coronation Street: Abi hints at negative pregnancy test to Imran

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Lydia Chambers (played by Rebecca Ryan) has had her sights set on ruining Adam Barlow’s (Sam Robertson) life ever since she arrived in Coronation Street. Her devious plot ramped up a gear last week when she took aim at the lawyer’s career. However, will Lydia implicate Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) in her plan leaving his career hanging in the balance as Adam attempts to clear his name?

In recent scenes, Adam opened up to Imran about his situation with Lydia. 

The lawyer was initially supportive but was alarmed when a client announced he planned to take his business elsewhere after reading negative online reviews. 

Adam was mortified when he discovered he’d been reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

Taking the decision out of Imran’s hands, Adam agreed to step down while he clears his name. 

However, could Imran be involved in the scheme to ruin his colleague’s career?

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Assistant Compliance Officer & Solicitor at Fletchers Solicitors Dawn Bowdler has looked into Adam’s case to predict Adam’s fate. 

She explained: “Adam may be investigated and will likely be asked for information as to how he acted in the alleged situation. Investigators may engage with whoever wrote the review to get their version of events. 

“If Lydia is the perpetrator, she would need Imran to assist in the deception and suggest that she had been a client, and then provide evidence from the ‘case file’ to support the poor behaviour that is being alleged.” 

It’s clear Lydia won’t stop at anything to get what she wants and she may blackmail Imran into going along with her scheme. 

Coronation Street fans will know Imran has recently discovered he is the father of Abi Franklin’s (Sally Carman) baby. 

He’s desperate to keep this secret hidden from Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) but if Lydia somehow discovered the truth she would likely use this information to blackmail the lawyer. 

Imran may think supporting Lydia’s record of events would likely damage Adam’s career only however, he would be wrong. 

If Adam goes on to clear his name, his colleague could face a future without law. 

Dawn continued: “Imran is subject to the same professional rules as Adam. 

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“He is obliged by the oath that he took when he became a solicitor to obey the principles including to uphold public trust and confidence in the profession. 

“Lying for Lydia to get Adam into trouble would most likely be seen as contrary to that principle. 

“If Imran were found to have lied to the SRA and the tribunal the consequence could be worse for him than they may have been for Adam.”

Will Imran do the right thing and support his colleague as Adam attempts to clear his name?

Or will Lydia convince him to lie for her as she continues on her quest to destroy her former lover’s life?

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Meanwhile, the ITV soap is heading for a tense showdown between Adam and Lydia which will result in Adam having an emergency operation to try and save his sight. 

Adam meets with Lydia and attempts to record her confessing to trying to ruin his life but she realises what he’s doing and breaks his phone. 

Lydia berates him for the way he treated her and Adam apologises but quickly demands she tell Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) the truth. 

The bunny boiler sees red and pushes him only for Lydia to watch in horror as Adam falls over balcony railings. 

Will the lawyer pull through or will Lydia get the last laugh?

Coronation Street airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm.

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