Coronation Street: Sally Metcalfe’s next move explained as she uses Yasmeen’s stolen money to bring down Geoff

SALLY Metcalfe gives Yasmeen Nazir’s stolen money to Alya next week in Coronation Street and urges her to buy Geoff Metcalfe out of Speed Daal.

But when did Geoff – who is played by Ian Bartholomew – steal the money from Yasmeen and what was he planning on doing with it in the ITV soap? Here’s the lowdown on the stolen money…

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Why does Sally give Yasmeen’s stolen money to Alya in Corrie?

Sally generously offers Alya the money next week after she tells Imran that she’s sold her share of Speed Daal in order to keep a distance from Geoff. 

Later, Sally gets wind of Alya’s plan and urges her to buy out Geoff from the business. 

Alya is shocked when Sally offers her the wedding money and points out it belongs to her grandmother Yasmeen anyway.

Later, Alya takes great pleasure in telling Geoff she’s buying him out – and that Sally has given her the money he stole from Yasmeen.

But will Geoff let Sally get away with using the money against him?

When did Geoff steal money from Yasmeen in Corrie?

Corrie viewers will remember that back in July 2019, Geoff set up a robbery in the family home and stole Yasmeen’s precious photographs and jewellery in an effort to scare and control her.

Later that week, Geoff took control of Yasmeen’s bank accounts and family business and proceeded to control every penny she has.

Viewers then watched Geoff give Yasmeen an allowance to spend on food shopping, and were disgusted when the brute gave his wife a fiver for a full day and night out in Blackpool back in February.

Did Geoff also steal money from Speed Daal in Corrie?

Around the same time Geoff took control of Yasmeen’s bank accounts last year, he also took control of her family business Speed Daal. 

The abuser then did everything in his power to keep her away from the business, insisting she was too frail to work. 

Viewers were stunned when Geoff then asked Yasmeen if he could remove some money from the restaurant for a holiday.

Yasmeen refused but Geoff wouldn’t take no for an answer and secretly nabbed the money without her permission, hiding the cash in the house. 

What did Geoff do with Yasmeen’s stolen money in Corrie?

Shortly after gaining control over Yasmeen’s funds and secretly taking money from Speed Daal, Geoff offered to pay for his son Tim’s wedding to Sally.

Fans will remember that Tim’s marriage hit breaking point when he was exposed as a secret bigamist at the beginning of 2020.

Sally was horrified to discover he had previously wed a woman called Charlie in Las Vegas and never properly annulled the marriage. 

But Tim eventually sorted things out and he and Sally made a plan to remarry later in the year.

The pair were thrilled when Geoff stepped in and offered to pay for the whole day.

Spoilers have revealed that Sally’s decision to hand the wedding money over to Alya next week without discussing it with Tim further drives a wedge between them. 

But will they still be able to afford to remarry?

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