Coronation Street horror as Gary ‘murders’ Rick then violently attacks Sarah

Coronation Street supervillain Gary Windass has seemingly claimed a second victim – and attacked Sarah Platt.

The builder was responsible for causing the factory roof collapse that led to Rana Habeeb's tragic death.

Gary has tried to stay under the radar ever since, but his life has spiralled out of control and he has fallen into deeper trouble.

It seemed like it was all over for Gary at the start of Wednesday night's episode as he struggled with nasty loan shark Rick Neelan.

Both men could be heard shouting – but Rick's fate was seemingly confirmed when Gary returned to the Platt's house unscathed.

There was a a bombshell for Gary as Sarah revealed their relationship was over for good and she was seeing Adam Barlow.

Sarah said: "It's not about falling in love with someone else Gary. I have fun with him and he makes me happy. I haven't been happy with you Gary for a long time."

Devastated Gary pleaded with Sarah to stop saying "it's over" as he lost control.

"You have got no idea the things I have done for you," screamed Gary as he lunged towards Sarah.

Sarah looked horrified as Gary grabbed his ex-girlfriend tightly and shoved her up against the wall.

Panicked Sarah screamed at Gary to "get out" as she burst into tears.

Realising he had made a massive mistake, gutted Gary got into the car and slammed his fists against the steering wheel.

Gary was next seen driving back to the scene of the crime in the middle of the woods.

He pulled on some white latex gloves, with many viewers predicting he was going to dispose of Rick's body.

Is Rick dead? And when will evil Gary strike again?

Corrie fans took to Twitter to slam Gary for harming Sarah.

One viewer said: "Omg Gary just turned violent to Sarah hope he p****s off !!"

"Gary has lost the plot but I guess that's what killing 2 people does to you," added another.

A third said: "Now that Sarah has finally told Gary that their not getting back together she needs to tell Bethany that along with a few home truths.

"Sarah is 100 times better than Gary and deserves to be happy. He is a pathetic mess who can't handle that it's over and thinks putting his hands on her is acceptable," said a fourth.

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