Coronation Street: Do Shona and David get a divorce?

CORONATION Street’s David Platt has been hit with the devastating news that his wife Shona wants a divorce after her spiteful son Clayton poisoned her against him.

Seriously ill Shona couldn’t remember who David was after she was caught in the crossfire of the ITV soap’s Christmas Day mass shooting horror – and now doesn’t want to see him at all.

Are Shona and David going to get a divorce in Corrie?

The devastating news that Shona wants a divorce left David reeling in last night’s episode (March 24) of Corrie.

And later this week, he’s set to spiral out of control when he bottles up his feelings and set his sights on Alina Pop in an effort to move on from his wife. 

But their fling leads David to a violent altercation with a jealous Seb Franklin. 

In the wake of the drama, Nick sits David down and encourages him not to give up on his wife. 

David then bursts into tears at what he’s lost – and clearly wants Shona back. 

But Corrie bosses haven’t yet confirmed whether Shona and David will get their happy ending, and fans will have to tune in to find out in the coming weeks. 

Why does Shona want to start divorce proceedings in Corrie?

Corrie viewers know that Shona is seriously ill after getting caught in Derek Milligan’s crossfire during the mass Christmas shooting. 

In the wake of the disaster, Shona’s injuries left her in a coma.

To make matters worse, when she eventually woke up it was clear that she’d suffered memory loss and couldn’t remember who David was. 

She caused even more heartbreak when she mistook Max for Clayton. 

David went to desperate measures to get the old Shona back, playing recordings of their children and showing her their wedding album, but nothing seemed to work. 

Last night’s episode of Corrie saw David visit Shona’s troublesome son Clayton in prison and beg him to leave Shona alone. 

But Clayton just smirked in his face and vowed he would do no such thing. 

When Nick Tilsley stepped in and tried to convince Shona to let David visit, Shona refused and gave Nick a devastating message for David. 

Nick returned to the street to inform David that not only did Shona never want to return to the cobbles but she also wanted to start divorce proceedings. 

How long have the Corrie couple been together?

Corrie viewers know that David and Shona’s path to romance has been far from smooth. 

Shona first appeared on Corrie in 2016 and attempted to flirt with David in a bar. 

But David later noticed his wallet was missing and went back to the bar where he discovered she had a reputation for stealing. 

He confronted her over the theft, begging for the picture of his late wife Kylie which was in the wallet. 

A guilty Shona then found the wallet in the bins outside, but was shocked when she recognised the picture of his late wife – who her son Clayton had just stabbed to death. 

Finding herself homeless, Shona took refuge in the church where Billy found her and took her back to number 11.

Billy persuaded landlady Eileen to let her stay, and she got a job at Roy’s Rolls. 

After a few brief encounters with David, Gail learned that Shona was Clayton’s mother.

When David drunkenly kissed Shona, Gail panicked and tried to blackmail her into leaving the street.

But Shona then discovered that her ex Nathan Curtis was grooming David’s niece Bethany Platt, and stuck around while she tried to save her. 

Disaster then struck when David found her by Kylie’s grave one day and Shona confessed who she really was. 

David initially insisted he never wanted to see her ever again and told her to leave, but Shona stuck around the cobbles to give evidence against Nathan after he was arrested.

David and Shona finally gave into their feelings for one another, and decided to give their relationship a go. 

The lovebirds tied the knot last year after David was finally released from prison after being charged with the attempted murder of his rapist Josh Tucker. 

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