Contestants Accuse ‘Squid Game’ Reality Show of Causing ‘Torment and Trauma’

Numerous former contestants additionally claim that the Netflix reality show, which is based on its popular South Korean series, is rigged and scripted as some of them are eliminated despite completing the game.

AceShowbiz -Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge” apparently turns out to be a disaster. According to a new report, “Squid Game“-based reality show was accused of inhuman working conditions and causing “torment and trauma” by four former contestants.

“All the torment and trauma we experienced wasn’t due to the game or the rigor of the game,” a former contestant told Rolling Stone. “It was the incompetencies of scale – they bit off more than they could chew.”

Numerous former contestants additionally claimed that the show was rigged. The report noted that the show made it sure to let some of the contestants, some of which were Instagram and TikTok influencers, advance the next round of the competition regardless of whether or not they completed a game. “The funny thing is, equality and fairness was the main theme of the original ‘Squid Game’,” one former competitor said.

Three contestants also recalled what they named the “38-second massacre.” At the time, a bunch of contestants had their blood squib packs go off and were simultaneously eliminated from the reality show despite having successfully completed a game. “Instead of ‘Squid Game’, [they] are calling it ‘Rigged Game’. Instead of Netflix, they’re calling it ‘Net Fix,’ because it was clearly obvious,” another former player said.

The new report arrived after it was said that medics were called as 10 contestants suffered from injuries during filming. Among the reported complaints were a pneumonia, a herniated disc, a torn knee tendon and an ear infection. IndieWire claimed that contestants were asked to stand still while playing “Red Light, Green Light” at 26° Fahrenheit (-3° Celsius) weather in 30-minute increments during a nine-hour filming session.

In response to the report, a representative from Netflix said that it “invested in all the appropriate safety procedures” to ensure the health and safety of its cast and crew members were maintained. The rep added, “While it was very cold on set-and participants were prepared for that-any claims of serious injury are untrue.”

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