Come Dine With Me contestant compares WILD dinner parties to '18-30s holidays on acid'

COME Dine With Me contestant has compared the shows WILD dinner parties to "18-30s holidays on acid".

After 16 years and almost 2,000 episodes of tears, tantrums and kitchen meltdowns on the Channel 4 favourite, a former contestants has revealed the secrets behind the popular reality show.

She told the Metro, business owner Karen Chamberlain served up secrets from the show.

Karen, who appeared in 2015, revealed that there is a lot more drinking than you might expect.

She explained that a lot of the drinking footage ends being cut and they don't get to sleep until 3am.

She explained: "I always joke about I think it’s like an 18 to 30 holiday on acid.

"It’s mental – a total whirlwind. We stayed up until three o’clock in the morning and the cameras were on us all night.’

"We were so drunk the first night. I mean, I don’t even know why they bothered filming it.

"By Friday, we were just hammered every single night and didn’t care who won or lost – although I did win!"

The cult cooking programme has kept more than three million Brits tuning into some celebrity specials.

The simple concept involves five contestants visiting each other’s homes for dinner then mark the night out of ten.

The contestants revealed that filming starts at 11am and the schedule can be quite demanding.

She explained: "We fell asleep on his bed – that was the first day as well, on the bed of a strange man that we’d just met!"

She also revealed that the shots of guests snooping around the bedroom are agreed beforehand.

She added: "They’re not just going to let you go and open their knicker drawer. It’s designated which drawers you go into. That’s all staged."

Speaking about the strict rules in place, Karen let slip that guests are not allowed to speak to each other when the cameras stop rolling.

This is mainly to stop them from speaking about anything personal or the scoring.

She also admitted that you're allowed to receive some help from your in the kitchen, joking that rules are made to be broken.

She joked: "I’d run out of pastry. I had to ring my mate up and get them to go and get me a pack of frozen.

"They had to come around the back and give me the flaky pastry."

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