Channel 4 fans stunned as My Massive C**k airs full frontal shots of 10.5 inch penis | The Sun

THOSE who tuned into the recent Channel 4 show My Massive C**k were left absolutely gobsmacked with what they saw.

The broadcaster – which is also behind X-rated dating show Naked Attraction – had already attracted plenty of attention with their to-the-point title.

But viewers couldn't believe quite how in-depth the documentary was, with full-frontal shots of penises being shown left, right and centre.

The show introduced us to various British men, all of whom had incredibly large penises.

They all spoke of their varying difficulties and hindrances due to their above-average manhoods.

However, some embraced it more than others, and were even making fortunes off the back of their blessings.


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During the show, one man was seriously contemplating a penis reduction as it was affecting his wellbeing.

Another explained that he actually gets lightheaded when he gets an erection due to the amount of blood that rushes to his area.

He also explained that he feels quite fed up with dating, and his love life suffers due to women only wanting him for "what's below the waistline"

Viewers couldn't believe what they were seeing, as there were close up shots of their privates every few seconds.

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Taking to Twitter, they discussed the show, with one calling it "relentless".

One viewer wrote: "Bro… what the hell is going on?"

Another joked that they'd just "spat out my drink" as a result of the shots shown.

Many viewers loved it, as one shared: "I was going to go to bed but Channel 4 changed my mind."

My Massive C**k is available to watch on All4.

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