Car Crashes Into Trump Plaza Westchester, NY Lobby; Minor Injuries Reported

Three people are understood to have been injured when a car crashed into the lobby of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, New York on Tuesday evening local time. Authorities have been treating the situation as an accident, and the injuries to two pedestrians and the driver of a black Mercedes-Benz, are understood to be minor, according to local reports.

The event occurred shortly after President Donald Trump was arriving in Los Angeles for a Beverly Hills fundraiser this evening at developer Geoff Palmer’s home.

Per the New York Times, police were still investigating what led the driver to crash into the 40-story luxury condo building on Tuesday evening, but it did not appear to be intentional, said Sgt. Chris Castiglia of the New Rochelle Police Department. Emergency crews were on the scene and the car was reportedly removed around 11PM ET.

Trump himself has not tweeted about the event, however a Trump Organization rep told Business Insider, “We would like to thank the first responders for their swift attention to this evening’s incident. We are truly grateful to them for their service.”

When it opened in 2007, Trump spoke in front of the high-rise as fans cheered from passing cars and others lined up for his autograph. The pre-POTUS called the event a milestone in “the renaissance of New Rochelle,” the NYT reported.

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