Britney Spears ‘refuses to work’ to ‘protest’ dad Jamie running finances as conservator – The Sun

BRITNEY Spears is reportedly refusing to work as a protest for her dad's role as her conservator.

Her son, Jayden, had previously said he didn't think his mom would make more music – and this is reportedly the reason why.

A source exclusively talked to Us Weekly and said the 38-year-old singer "doesn’t want to work” out of resentment for her father, Jamie Spears, and the rules of her conservatorship.

The source said: "Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to work again because she doesn’t want to continue to essentially keep herself under the conservatorship.

"Britney resents that her dad is given a monthly allowance which is around $10,000 a month for his services overseeing her finances."

A second source also confirmed what Jayden commented to his fans about his mom.

The informant said: "The thought barely crosses her mind.

"This is the longest break between album cycles in her career – it’s coming up on four years since Glory was released – and she’s perfectly content with it."

Her father, Jamie Spears, has been her conservator since 2008.

He has power over Britney's multimillion-dollar estate, though her personal affairs are now handled by a care manager.

After Jamie had a fight with her son Sean Preston, Britney has kept her distance from her dad.

Because of a restraining order that her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, has against Jamie, he can't be near the kids.

A source said: "Britney hasn’t been spending time with her dad, and very much remains angry that she doesn’t have the boys as much as she did in the past.

"Jamie worries about her not having a set schedule for work that keeps her busy."

The rising family tensions come a day after Jayden called his grandfather "a pretty big d**k" in an Instagram live session.

A fan had asked the teen if his grandfather was a "jerk", prompting Jayden's blunt response which even shocked talk show host Wendy Williams.

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