Britain’s Got Talent audience left screaming as sword stunt almost goes wrong

Britain’s Got Talent stunt duo The Vardanyan Brothers left the audience screaming on Tuesday night, as they feared the act was about to go terribly wrong.

The brothers took on another dangerous act involving sharp swords during the second live semi-finals, after impressing with their initial audition recently.

They started off with some seriously impressive aerobatic moves, balancing each other on only their shoulders at one point.

But the brothers then decided to step things up as they moved closer towards the judges’ desk.

Suddenly, they pulled out two short swords, and based on their audition everyone knew what was coming.

They placed the handles of the swords in their mouths, before one of the brothers lifted the other into the air, upside down, using only his hands.

It’s then that they connected the tips of their swords to each other’s, with the brother in the air preparing to balance on it without holding onto his sibling.

As the swords connected, both Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden moved their seats back away from the hopefuls.

But viewers were left fearing the worst, as the brother in the air, now connected to his sibling only via the tip of the sword, began to wobble.

His sibling had to manipulate the swords back into position to ensure his brother didn’t fall and suffer a serious injury, as he continued to wobble violently.

At one point it looked as though they were going to fall over, as the crowd shouted out with many hiding in their hands.

They weren’t alone either, with fans at home also confessing they were “uncomfortable” with the act.

One viewer said: “I feel very uncomfortable watching these two,” as another tweeted: “I can’t watch this bit.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs all this week live at 7:30pm on ITV.

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