Bradley Walsh was nearly beaten to The Chase presenting job by Donal MacIntyre

Chaser Anne Hegerty confirmed in an interview with What’s on TV recently that the first choice for the host of The Chase on ITV wasn’t the much loved Bradley Walsh.

Bradley has been hosting the show since its first inception in 2009.

Known prior for his role as Danny Baldwin on Coronation Street and a number of other roles across television in shows such as Law and Order: UK and Doctor Who, Bradley managed to steal audiences hearts with his charming personality on The Chase.

Anne said this: "The first presenter considered for The Chase was Donal MacIntyre. Donal’s a lovely bloke, but Bradley is such a cheeky chappy.

"He’s great at bringing us down a peg or two."

Irish investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre was known among audiences for appearing in the fourth season of Dancing on Ice in 2009 and had worked for a time presenting on the ITV news show London Tonight.

However, it seems the right decision was made, as Bradley has become a household name with fans after a stint in Coronation Street back in the early 00s.

But last night he came across a face from his past during the Beat the Chasers episode, as Caroline from Surrey turned up to try and win some money.

She revealed that she had previously met Bradley, and he had actually "given her some stick" in the past while she was a physio in Wimbledon.

Caroline said: "I used to work in football and you gave me some stick in the past."

Bradley, who played for teams including Brentford and Barnet in his teens and early 20s, said: "Oh my goodness, did you really?"

Caroline replied: "You used to tease me when I went on the pitch. You said the player would be dead by the time I get there", as Bradley quickly apologised.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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