Blue’s Simon Webbe ‘cheated on loyal wife’ with blonde on ‘Benidom on Sea’ cruise ship – The Sun

A MUM of two romped with Blue singer Simon Webbe – while drunk passengers brawled on a notorious cruise ship dubbed “Benidorm on Sea.”

Married Webbe, 41, who was performing on the ship, picked up Amy Asher, 32, at a bar before a fight later erupted on deck.

And she claims he asked her: “Do you want some?” before whisking her up to his cabin.

On Tuesday night Amy said: “To be honest, It was a waste of time putting my Prosecco down.

“Put it this way, his singing is a lot better.

“I had no idea that was the night some of the other passengers were fighting on board.

“I missed the whole thing because I was romping with Simon.”

Webbe tied the knot with stunning wife Ayshen Kemal just a year ago in a ceremony at the five-star Corinthia Hotel London.

He was watched by Blue bandmates Lee Ryan, Duncan James and Antony Costa, and they performed as Blue for the guests.

Webbe, who sold the rights to the wedding day to Hello! magazine for a five figure sum, said: “This is the best day of my life.

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary together last week — posting pictures of himself and Ayshen before jetting off on holiday to Ibiza.

But last month Webbe, 41, quickly hit on blonde single mum Amy, 32 while on a P&O cruise around the Norwegian Fjords.

He had been performing alongside fellow singer Gareth Gates on the Britannia, which was dubbed ‘Benidorm on Sea’ after drunken punters fought with each other on the ship.

But while rowdy passengers were attacking each other singer Webbe started flirting with Amy in a bar and chatting on the ship’s smoking deck.

Amy, from Nottinghamshire, who was on holiday with her family, said: “I saw Simon a couple of times in the reception with Gareth Gates.

“He was very cocky and sure of himself.

“He was chatting to me, flirting. It was all drunken jokes.

”He was complimenting me and said I had a great physique and lovely eyes.

“We were flirting especially after a few drinks and I don’t really know how but he got me into the corner of the smoking area.

“We were sat on the sofa and he said ‘Do you want some?’

“I said, out here are you serious? There are cameras over there — watching everything.

“It was 2am so there was no one else around.

“So he said why don’t we go up to my room instead and I said ok.

“We got into the lift and went to Floor 10004, and in cabin number one, the top room.

“He had a corner room — I was surprised he didn’t have a suite.

“All his sparkly outfits were hung up, but it was a bit of a mess.

“He told me to put my phone down, and put his number in it, under Sy.

“We only kissed when we got to the cabin.

“It ended up being a waste of time putting my Prosecco down.

“I was probably in there for 15 minutes, maybe 20.”

The next morning, after realising she had left her key card in his room she texted him, but he never replied.

Having no signal or wife on the ship Amy only realised Webbe was married when she googled him back on land.

She said: “I didn’t know he was married and would have never gone near him if I’d have known.

“When I found out I just laughed and thought. That’s typical.

“And his wife too, she’s gorgeous, I feel for her — I’m not the married one.”

Webbe has a long history of cheating on his partners — going back to his early days with Blue.

Back in 2004 he split with his live-in girlfriend Natalie Denning after cheating on her with TV presenter Stacey McIntosh.

In 2011 he was dumped by then girlfriend Layla Manoochenri after she found him in bed with Towie star Chloe Sims.

Back in 2016 he split with girlfriend Maria Kouka when she caught him messaging two girls about secret hotel trysts.

She also found raunchy texts from three more women who had swapped numbers with Simon, and found naked snaps of a sexy Playboy model on his camera.

But despite his wondering ways the Mancunian said he has always been inspired by women.

In one interview he said: “My mum raised me to respect women — which wasn’t difficult after seeing some of the stuff my mum and aunties went through.”

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