'Big Little Lies:' Mary Louise Wright Filed For Custody of Her Grandchildren

In ‘End of the World,’ Mary Louise Wright realized Ziggy Chapman is her grandson, and Renata Klein became enraged with the school for scaring her daughter about climate change. Madeline McKenzie still struggled with her marriage, and Celeste Wright grappled with moving on after her husband’s death.

In ‘She Knows,’ Mary Louise filed for custody of her grandchildren, and Renata and her husband went to a bankruptcy hearing. What else happened with the Monterey Five? Keep reading to find out.

Mary Louise Wright filed for custody

Madeline invited the other “Monterey Five” kids over to carve pumpkins at her house. Mary Louise came over because the twins told her about the party. She arrived with a bunt cake and announced she purchased a unit in Jane Chapman’s apartment. Celeste took Mary Louise into the hallway to talk privately and told her mother-in-law that she is crossing boundaries.

However, Mary Louise still doesn’t believe Perry raped Jane, although she has accepted Ziggy as her grandson. When Mary Louise questioned what Perry went looking for when he found Jane, Celeste slapped her mother-in-law in the face.

They met up the next day for lunch, and Mary Louise admitted she worries about the boys because Celeste doesn’t seem well. Therefore, she met with her lawyer about obtaining guardianship of the boys, and he gave her the names of family lawyers she should call.

After Mary Louise dropped the twins off the morning after a sleepover at her new apartment, she served Celeste a petition for guardianship assignment of her sons. Mary Louise claimed the boys are at risk in Celeste’s care because of her erratic behavior, and she will provide for them until Celeste gets better.

Renata Klein filed for bankruptcy

Renata and her husband Gordon attended a bankruptcy hearing. The judge has control over how much their house sells for and how much they settle. Because the Kleins did not list her wedding ring, his Rolex watch, or their 2017 Tesla, the judge took the items. But, they have to put on a happy face because their daughter, Amabella, is having a disco-themed party featuring Earl Young.

At the party, the parents watch their daughter dance with one of the Wright boys. Gordon tried to apologize for his mistakes; however, Renata blamed him for ruining the hopes and dreams she had for herself and Amabella.

Bonnie Carlson’s mom had a stroke

Bonnie’s mom attended Amabelle’s party as in the rest of the “Monterey Five” and their families. Her mom caught her talking with Madeline and Celeste, and wondered if they were the reason Bonnie has been acting strange. During the Madeline, Bonnie, and Celeste conversation, they admitted to Madeline that they regretted saying he fell and wished they would have told the truth.

After Bonnie finished talking to them, her mother told her she felt the energy is off in Renata’s house. When the party ended, and everyone said their goodbyes, Bonnie’s mom had a stroke, collapsed, and then had a seizure. Her father came to the emergency room and asked Bonnie if she caused her mother’s stroke. Even though Bonnie doesn’t think she did, her mother kept seeing visions of Bonnie dead in the ocean.

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