Below Deck's Hannah vs. Kate: Chef Ben Shares Who Could Put Chef Ryan in His Place [Exclusive]

If there’s one Below Deck chef who knows which chief stew – Hannah Ferrier or Kate Chastain – could put chef Ryan McKeown in his place, it’s chef Ben Robinson.

Robinson worked with both chief stews on more than one Below Deck season. And while he had conflicts with Chastain and Ferrier, the chief stews and chef often found resolution at some point in the season.

Unfortunately, conflict resolution between McKeown and chief stew Aesha Scott doesn’t seem likely on Below Deck Down Under. So some fans thought Chastain or Ferrier would have been the chief stew to put McKeown in his place.

Ferrier is already having a social media smackdown with McKeown. She and Scott are close friends, so Ferrier and McKeown are engaged in a war of words.

Chastain told Showbiz Cheat Sheet she wasn’t a fan of confrontation so she didn’t envision getting in McKeown’s face. “I’m more of a passive-aggressive fighter, that’s my favorite. I love creative revenge. So I don’t think I’d get in his face. I hate to break it to him, but Hannah would,” she said.

Who does Chef Ben think could take down Chef Ryan?

“I mean, Kate is right,” he said. “She is more passive. I feel like, you don’t really want to piss Kate off because it’s almost like she drags you down a black hole and you start questioning a lot. Actually, I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of Kate. Hannah would just be almost like a brawl. She is confrontational. And I’m confrontational because it’s timing and stuff like that. So I think I could deal with Hannah probably more on a sort of a human level than Kate. But I think I respect Kate more.”

Keep the peace with Kate, but have it out with Hannah on ‘Below Deck’, Chef Ben says

Robinson said yacht chefs should strive to find the best way to work with the individual chief stew. “I want to keep the peace with Kate. It’s all about peacekeeping,” he reflected. “Whereas Hannah, you’re going to get into it and hopefully you can throw your swords down and hug. And take it from there and hopefully learn from it. But, you know, they’re both tricky ones.”

He added that yacht chef tantrums are just part of the job. “I think every serious or good chef does have that moment because the food can’t be compromised,” he remarked. “And if we see it being compromised by the staff or whatever, then that’s a problem. Food is all about timing and if it’s not going out, it’s getting cold or it’s getting soggy, or whatever it is. [So] I do think good chefs should throw their toys occasionally. I think if you’re a pushover as a chef, then your food is going to be compromised. I believe that.”

Chef Ben shares what it was like to work with Aesha Scott

Even though she wasn’t chief stew, Robinson worked with Scott on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. He laughed about having to kick her out of the galley at one point because she talked too much.

“Aesha’s got, excuse my French, but she has verbal diarrhea and it’s kind of tough in the kitchen,” he said. “I mean, it’s funny, but when you’re trying to concentrate, you’ve got Aesha talking about poo. And d*** sizes. Stuff like that, it’s just like, wow, just please take a step back. I mean, it’s hilarious. [But] I think I actually had to ban her from the kitchen.”

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