BBC viewers voice support as Clive Myrie ‘sheds tear’ in emotional Kyiv report ‘So brave’

BBC's Clive Myrie sheds tear as he reports from Ukraine

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Audiences in the UK have voiced their support and concern as the likes of BBC anchor Clive Myrie reported directly from Kyiv throughout the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Several viewers have taken to Twitter when they noticed an emotional Clive seemingly shedding a tear during his update on Thursday evening.

BBC reporter Clive delivered an emotional report from Kyiv during the BBC News at 10 on Thursday.

His update came after US officials reported the Ukraine capital could fall from Russian attacks in a matter of days.

Clive provided a first-hand account from Kyiv as the city mobilised its forces to defend itself against attacks.

A tear appeared to fall down his cheek as he introduced international correspondent Orla Guerin for more coverage.

Several viewers tuning in on Thursday night noticed Clive’s apparent show of emotion, with many taking to Twitter to voice their concerns for his safety.

User Muan said: “I genuinely believe there is no reason for the news to be hosted live from Ukraine right now. There are journalists used to being in conflict, but this doesn’t feel essential at all.

“Clive Myrie had a literal tear running down his face, this doesn’t feel like the right thing to do right now.”

And Jessie Hewitson said: “Seeing Clive Myrie cry on the BBC news will stay with me for some time.”

In his report, Clive explained Russia had launched an attack on Ukraine by “land, sea and air”, stating “fierce fighting is taking place”.

He added Russian forces had “breached the border in three main directions from the east, the south and the north”.

Throughout Thursday, Clive anchored the BBC News at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm, and viewers have commended him on his performance.

BBC viewer Meg tweeted: “Clive Myrie has really solidified his status as a national treasure with his reporting from Ukraine today. One of our very best broadcasters.”

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And @Farah_Lou said: “Clive Myrie doing reporting and anchoring the 1, 6 and 10… he really is among the best of the best.”

However, other viewers have shown their concern for the safety of Clive and other reporters covering the conflict from the ground.

Mark Thompson wrote: “Am I the only one who’s worried about Matt Frei, Clive Myrie, Lise Doucet et al?

“They were all reporting live from Kyiv last night. Are they still there? Have they a way of getting out? Brave, brave people.” (sic)

Clive also caused panic amongst some viewers when he changed into a flak vest live on-air when sirens blared.

In a recent statement, he told PA news agency: “Anything can happen in a warzone.

“None of us are stupid enough to stay out there reporting while bullets are raining down that would be madness and frankly no story is worth that, but the advice was we could still keep broadcasting as long as we took the minimal protection of putting on safety gear.

“So that’s what we did and it meant we could continue telling the story, getting that across to our viewers so that they understand what is going on.”

BBC News at 10 airs weekdays on BBC Two.

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