BBC News: ‘I knew it!’ Dan Walker mocks Sally Nugent after exposing ‘fake’ prop

BBC Breakfast returned for the first instalment of the week today with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin presenting the show. 

During the first half of the show, the hosts turned to Sally Nugent for the sports headlines. 

Those watching at home saw her on a live video link from Nice, discussing the England Womens football team’s recent World Cup success. 

But following her update, Dan couldn’t help himself but to expose an onscreen trick and mock his co-star. 

“Sally can I ask you a question?” Dan began. “Is there actually a drink in that cup or is it a fake cup and saucer?” 

As the camera returned to Sally on full screen, she was seen lifting up the cup towards her mouth before turning it upside down to reveal it was holding no liquid. 

“I knew it! I knew it!” Dan exclaimed in response as Sally confirmed: “It’s empty. 

“Next time, it’s going to have something in it. We’ve got all sorts, I did have flowers at one point but they’ve gone!” the sports reporter continued. 

Attempting to change the subject, Louise said: “Have they? Oh it looks absolutely glorious there this morning, thank you very much we’ll be back with you in a little bit.” 

Returning to the studio, Dan then revealed his own backstage secret: “Mine’s fake this morning as well! I haven’t got anything in it!” 

The BBC presenter could then be seen lifting up his own BBC Breakfast mug to show viewers. 

“So is mine!” Louise added compying Dan’s actions. 

It comes after a BBC Breakfast show last week saw Sally cut off during her report. 

Whilst attempting to tell viewers when the first England game would be broadcast, she experienced technical difficulties. 

Initially, the sound suffered but then the live pictures began to pixelate until a pre-recorded VT took over and then the entire link was cut. 

Back in the studio, Charlie Stayt who was presenting that morning took control. 

I knew it! I knew it!

Dan to Sally.

He told viewers: “Ok. We’ve got one or two problems with the sound there. We’ll keep playing those images because you’ve seen the results from last night. 

“I was just going to draw your attention to…” Charlie continued before apologising to viewers. “Apologises for the problems coming out of Paris.” 

But this wasn’t the only technical gaffe experienced last week. 

Responding to the metrologist Carol Kirkwood, Dan was met with silence when a delay in the sound occurred during another report. 

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on BBC One. 

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