BBC Breakfast viewers blast Ed Miliband over Johnson party interview ‘Weak opposition’

Ed Miliband says government has a ‘rotten culture’

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The Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero spoke to BBC Breakfast presenters Dan Walker and Nina Warhurst to give his view on allegations that 100 government staff members, including the Prime Minister, were invited to a “bring your own booze” party in May 2020, when the public was told they could meet only one other person socially. It’s been reported dozens attended and while Miliband described the scandal as “outrageous”, BBC viewers accused him of being weak.

Miliband told Walker the supposed party “beggars belief” when questioned about his reaction to the latest news.

“When you first saw those latest revelations, what were your thoughts?” Walker asked.

“I couldn’t believe it, Dan,” Miliband replied.

“I mean I had to sort of make sure it was really true – and I think this is the most serious revelation yet.”

He continued: “Because it was an organised party, no ifs, no buts.

“Because it was such a flagrant breach of the rules, when Oliver Dowden, the cabinet minister was saying that very same day and reminding people you could only meet one person outdoors in a socially distanced way.

“Because, as we understand it, Downing Street are not denying that the Prime Minister and his then-fiancée were at the party.

“And what beggars belief is that a few days later at a Downing Street press conference the Prime Minister was asked by a member of the public what she should do if she saw people in the park mixing with people beyond one person not from their household, and he said ‘you should report them to the police’.

“I mean, it beggars belief, Dan, and we need answers, we don’t need evasion from the Prime Minister, we need answers about what has been going on and what he has been part of.”

Walker asked if Miliband believed it was a “Westminster issue”, to which he compared Mr Johnson’s government to David Cameron’s.

“I’m afraid this is a rotten culture,” he added.

“I faced David Cameron for five years, I didn’t agree with lots of things he did but I’ve got to say this is of a wholly different order of magnitude when it comes to the person leading our country.”

Reacting to Miliband’s comments, Twitter user Paul Wayne fumed: “@Ed_Miliband on #BBCBreakfast STILL can’t say Liar Johnson has to resign.

“Weak opposition is worse than no opposition #StarmerOut #JohnsonOut.”

HoneyBee wrote: “Labour must be really hard up to offer up Ed Miliband as a spokesman. ‘Dan, it’ like this…’ ‘Dan, it’s like that…’

“‘Dan, he has to blah blah…’ #BBCBreakfast.”

Danny added: “Scrapping the barrel there, rolling out Milliband.”

“Imagine being the official opposition (a former leader, no less) seeing all that’s been going on and still only asking for answers.

“Labour should be whipping the whole country in fever pitch about getting this government out,” Tony Bryson argued.

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