Bargain Hunt expertEric Knowles suffered a tragic loss eight years ago

Bargain Hunt: Eric Knowles introduces the red team

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Antiques expert Eric Knowles starred on Antiques Roadshow in the early 1980s but left the series in 2021. He became a member of the Bargain Hunt family five years ago and continues to be a welcoming face on the popular BBC daytime series. So it’s no wonder fans would like to know all there is about the 70-year-old presenter.

Does Bargain Hunt expert Eric Knowles have children?

Bargain Hunt star Eric Knowles is married to Anita Knowles who he has been with for many years.

The 64-year-old works as the company secretary for their business, Eric Knowles Antiquarian Services Limited.

They used to live in Buckinghamshire together with their two sons Sebastian and Oliver.

Sadly, tragedy struck the family eight years ago when Sebastian died.

Seb Knowles, 26, died after his Mercedes collided with a lorry on the M40 in Buckinghamshire in 2015.

He worked as a DJ, having supported the Wycombe Wanderers, and played gigs around London under the name DJ Sparky B.

He had worked with big names like Ultrabeat and The Artful Dodger and had a weekly radio slot on Time FM before he made the move in 2013 to Wycombe Sound.

At the time, tributes flooded in for Seb, describing him as “talented”.

One of which came from the National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) wrote on Facebook: “All of us at NADJ would like to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Seb Knowles (DJ Sparky B) who tragically died earlier today.

“It’s always a tragedy when someone is taken so young. He was a talented DJ who will be missed by all who knew him.”

Eric and the rest of his family have never come out publicly about the incident.

It also isn’t known what his other son Oliver does as he prefers to keep out of the spotlight.

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It seems that Seb may have followed in his dad’s footsteps in terms of his love for music.

In an old interview with the BBC, Eric stated what he would have loved to have done if he wasn’t in the antique industry.

He said: “Had I not followed a career in antiques I might have taken two different routes one being in the big outdoors and the Forestry Commission or the indoor studio working in radio as a DJ.”

Knowles will be back on Bargain Hunt for another exciting episode to air on BBC One.

The synopsis for the episode reads: “Eric Knowles heads to King’s Lynn for today’s show.

“With the expert help of Caroline Hawley and Mark Stacey, the red and blue teams scour Norfolk’s biggest antiques centre to see who can buy the most profitable three items to take to auction.

“Eric also discovers how Kings Lynn became a medieval boom town by forming an alliance with a powerful European trading giant.”

Bargain Hunt continues every weekday at 12.15pm on BBC One.

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