Ashley Cain's daughter Azaylia falls asleep holding a green bean in sweet video shared by her mum Safiyya

ASHLEY Cain's daughter Azaylia fell asleep holding a green bean in a sweet video shared by her mum Safiyya.

The heartbroken parents were told at the end of last month that their eight-month-old daughter's leukaemia can no longer be treated.

But both Ashley and Safiyya have been sharing every precious moment with their daughter – including this incredibly sweet clip.

The video shows Azaylia dressed in a heart onesie while sleeping amongst blankets and pillows.

However, clutched in her hand is a single green bean, which she didn't manage to let go of before dozing off.

Safiyya captioned the clip: "She's just gone to sleep with her green bean in her hand oh she's so beautiful"

Yesterday Azaylia went back to hospital for a transfusion as her mum Safiyya revealed she was in danger of "bleeding out".

The eight-month-old was seen in the background of Safiyya's Instagram video wearing eye patches, as her mum updated fans on her condition.

"Back to the hospital to have a platelet transfusion," she said.

"It's to help the blood clot and prevent bleeding out."

Ashley added: "We're on the way to hospital to get Azaylia's platelet transfusion. The hospital aren't treating Azaylia anymore, but we're able to go in to get platelet transfusion to help her blood clot and prevent internal bleeding."

Azaylia has been given days to live after doctors said they could do no more to treat her rare form of leukaemia.

She's been in and out of hospital since being sent home to spend her final days with her family earlier this month.

Azaylia has even been "crying blood" as she struggles with her sight.

In the middle of the night Ashley revealed how he helps give her the best possible chance of sight in her final days.

The doting dad said he spends "hours upon hours" dabbing his baby's swollen eyes with a cold towel.

But Ashley has admitted he has a "crazy belief" baby Azaylia will stay with them for the next few weeks – despite her "pending fate" after a "tough day".

As they make sure Azaylia is as comfortable as possible at home, the dad insisted "we aren't counting the days, we're making the days count" in an emotional Instagram statement.

He wrote: "We had another very tough day today.

"To be honest, every single day is a very tough day. We don't take Azaylia out of our sight for a single second at the moment, caring for her every need.

"Today was the first time for days that she has been able to open her eyes. The swelling and the blood in her tears is causing her pain and forcing them to stick and shut.

"But with relentless care and improvisation we've managed to help her see the world again. Even though she doesn't have much energy, she loved to see her surroundings today and had the loveliest little play time.

"We even got a smile, which was worth more than anything money can buy. As a parent, it's the hardest thing in the world to see your child like this, at home with the painful, inevitable fate pending.

"For some insane reason though, I still have some crazy belief that she will still be with us next week, the week after that, and the week after that.

"But we aren't counting the days right now, we're just doing our best to make those days count."

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