Antiques Road Trip expert mocks co-star over huge loss ‘Can’t believe you’re laughing’

Antiques Road Trip: James laughs at Irita over loss

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During Wednesday’s Antiques Road Trip, experts James Braxton and Irita Marriott went on the hunt for antiques in East Sussex and Hampshire. During their search, a novelty beer bottle and a fish kettle caught the eye of James, while Irita hoped a 19th-century puzzle box would fetch a good price at auction. However, James couldn’t resist poking fun at his co-star after the desk stand, she bought for £150, sold for a disappointing £55 at auction.

Irita began the search with £409, although James stormed into the lead with a staggering £614 to spend.

The first item James decided to buy was a barometer and after a bit of haggling with the shop owner, he bought it for £65.

While a desk stand caught the eye of Irita, which was priced at £275 along with a pen.

However, after noticing the pen had nothing to do with the desk stand, the shop owner sold the expert the desk stand for £150.

At the next shop, Irita was torn between an Austrian vase and a French plant pot stand.

However, she quickly burned through her money as she decided to go with both items, leaving her with just £6.52 left in her money pot.

James also ended up buying a quirky bottle for £20, while Irita spent her remaining £6 on a puzzle box.

It was a tense moment for both of the antique experts as they watched the auction together.

The first item to go up for auction was James’ bottle that he bought for £20. However, things didn’t go his way as it sold for £15.

Irita’s first item to face the auction crowds was the puzzle box she bought for £6.52.

Much to James’ disappointment, the damaged box ended up fetching sold £20, making Irita a £13 profit.

Next up was James’ silver-plated tray. The expert purchased the item for £65 and he made another loss as it sold for £55.


Irita’s luck quickly ran out with her desk stand which she bought for a staggering £150.

The expert, who had high hopes for the antique was quickly disappointed when it went to auction.

“Got a long way to go,” Irita commented as the auctioneer began the bidding at £55.

Although, as the auctioneer sold the desk stand for £55, a shocked Irita said: “No!”


“No! I can’t believe it,” the expert continued as she turned to James. “I can’t believe you’re laughing.”

James may have mocked Irita, but things did not go well for him with his next item.

The parameter he bought for £90 only sold for £50, making him a £40 loss.

“Money down the drain,” the disappointed expert said.

It was a bag of mixed emotions for both experts as the auction concluded. James ended up with a loss of £50, while Irita made a loss of £155.

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4.30pm on BBC One.

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