Anne Robinson says Meghan and Harry will ‘run out of steam’

Former Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson joined GB News host Dan Wootton on Monday evening and discussed the latest controversy from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Anne had some strong opinions on the documentary and claimed to have her own ideas of how she would handle the situation.

Dan began: “This is the perfect time to get your take on the world Anne, lots going on.”

She interrupted: “I don’t have your certainty, I mean I see you in the Daily Mail, that’s rubbish talking about the Palace needing to do something.

“Are you old enough to remember Mrs Thatcher? When she left office they said to her after 11 years, they said to her ‘What have you learnt? what is the most important thing you have learnt in 11 years?’

“And she said ‘Never to do anything until you absolutely have to’, so what the Palace need to do is just keep quiet, just let them run out of steam.

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“What they need to do, offer them, I have the perfect solution for Meghan and Harry. They need to be permanent ambassadors in Rwanda because they can tell people what it’s like to be rich and to care.”

Dan laughed at the notion and said: “I think that is a great idea, whether they would accept I am not so sure.

“But do you not feel though, King Charles isn’t planning on doing anything, he doesn’t want his courtiers attacking his flesh and blood.

“I think that is a bit naive because I think these two are on a mission to try and bring down the Royal Family and the monarchy.”

Anne reiterated: “They will eventually run out of steam, I think they are far less popular than they were a year ago.”

When asked if she respected them, Anne quipped they were “two silly little people” adding: “We need to let them get it out of their system.”

A new trailer for the Netflix series dropped on Monday and the next instalment will take a look as to why the couple stepped down from their working royal title.

The 90-second clip saw Harry claim they left the UK for America because there was a pressing concern for their safety.

He said: “I wonder what would have happened to us had we not got out when we did.”

Meghan added: “Our security was being pulled – everyone in the world knew where we were,” before Harry added: “I said ‘we need to get out of here’.”

The next clip saw Harry on a plane which he claims was their “freedom flight” in reference to their relocation in America.

Harry and Meghan’s documentary has received a flurry of backlash across the nation with many slamming the claims the couple have made.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby rejected Meghan’s claim on how formal the Royal Family continued to be behind closed doors.

Referencing a meeting with Kate Middleton, Meghan claimed: “I guess I started to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside.”

However, Holly was adamant she didn’t believe the comment: “To suggest somebody is a bit cold, is a really horrible thing to try and brush away.

“We don’t know [Kate]. But from what we see of her, the way somebody is with their own children, I think you get a pretty good idea.

“But even suggesting that you mix that anyone within the royal family isn’t a hugger, I don’t believe that. I actually don’t believe that.”

Dan Wootton Tonight airs weekdays from 9pm on GB News.

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