Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest Deny Feuding Following New Year’s Eve Broadcast Drama

The ‘Watch What Happens Live’ host appears on the ‘American Idol’ host’s ‘On Air’ radio show to address the feud rumors, insisting that they are still friends despite the drama.

AceShowbizAndy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest are putting an end to speculations that they are beefing. The “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” host stopped by Ryan’s “On Air” radio show on Thursday, January 5 to address the feud rumors, insisting that they are still friends despite the New Year’s Eve drama.

“I didn’t know where we stood, Ryan! I got to tell you something, I like watching people fight. I don’t like fighting with people,” Andy told Ryan, seemingly referring to his “Real Housewives” franchise on Bravo. The “Live with Kelly and Ryan” later said, “Well, we’re not. That’s the funny thing, we’re not.”

The “American Idol” host further explained, “[Andy] and I have known each other for a long time, and we have been friends for years now. We are both in Time Square together, really doing the same job for hours and hours, and we talk about it leading up to it.”

Following Andy’s appearance, Ryan took to his Instagram account to give the Bravo executive a shout-out. “Thank you Andy Cohen for coming on the air this morning! Andy and I have been good friends for many years. We’re in it together in Times Square year after year and always like to have a bit of fun. Andy, next year let’s find each other after the show for a toast!” so he wrote in the caption.

The drama between the two started after Ryan claimed that Andy snubbed him during their respective New Year’s Eve broadcasts. Denying the allegations, Andy said in the Wednesday, January 4 episode of “Radio Andy”, “Ryan, I don’t know. He’s got a bug up about me – two weeks in a row.”

Andy stressed that he didn’t even know that Ryan waved at him that night. He went on to elaborate, “I didn’t see Anderson turn around and wave. Usually what Anderson will do, and I should call him back and ask him about this frankly, if he’s waving at Ryan, he’ll say to me, ‘Hey, there’s Ryan’ and then I’ll turn around and wave. But he didn’t do that.”

When he called Anderson about the matter, his co-host said, “Oh, you’re gonna get me involved in a thing with Seacrest?” Andy responded, “Yeah, this is a you and I thing because he said on the show that you very politely turned around and waved to him and mouthed to him have a good show and that I didn’t turn around.”

“What the point I was just making on the show was usually if one of us sees Ryan and turns around and waves, we’ll say to the other, ‘Oh, there’s Seacrest,’ ” he continued. “So I’m saying, you didn’t say that to me this year.” Anderson later explained that he “just happened to turn” and he saw Ryan and they both waved at each other.

Ryan, meanwhile, made the claims on “Live”. He said, “It was funny because my big stage was right in front of [Anderson Cooper] and Andy. When I was not working, I was trying to get their attention.”

“I thought maybe I was in the shot. I just wanted to wave and say hi. They have a great show,” the 48-year-old continued. “And Anderson, the best. He turns around and he says, ‘Have a good show.’ Very nice. Andy did not turn around.”

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