Amazon’s Mike Hopkins Stresses “Phased Approach To Integration Changes”, Details Interim Reporting Structure In Memo To MGM Staff

After holding two separate town hall meetings for Amazon Studios/Primetime Video and MGM employees earlier today, Mike Hopkins, SVP Prime Video & Amazon Studios, sent a followup memo to MGM employees Friday afternoon. In it, he shared more details about the interim organizational reporting changes that will be implemented as Amazon prepares to start the integration process following the close of its $8.5 billion acquisition of the stories Hollywood studio.

The reporting structure for MGM’s top echelon, including Mike De Luca, Chairman, WW Motion Picture Group; Mark Burnett, Chairman, WW TV Group’ and Chris Brearton, Chief Operating Officer becoming Hopkins direct reports, was unveiled at the town halls, in which Hopkins welcomed MGM’s work force.

In his email, he once again extended a welcome to the studio’s employee while also signaling a measured approach, with him and his team taking time to examine the workings of MGM before decisions how the company’s operations will be integrated into Amazon Studios are made.

“We are taking a phased approach to integration changes, which will allow me to take the time to get to better know you and your business,” Hopkins said.

Here is his full memo:

Hi MGM and UAR Teams,

Now that the deal has closed, we may begin collaborating and coordinating on delivering great storytelling for our audiences. As mentioned before, I am excited to welcome you all to the team! We have much to share and learn from each other and the following organizational reporting changes open the lines of transparency and two-way learning while minimizing disruption to the work you do.

We are taking a phased approach to integration changes, which will allow me to take the time to get to better know you and your business. During this interim period, Mike De Luca, Chairman, WW Motion Picture Group, Mark Burnett, Chairman, WW TV Group, and Chris Brearton, Chief Operating Officer, will report to me. Mike and Mark will, respectively, continue to oversee MGM MPG and WW TV, and Chris will continue to oversee business strategy and operations.

Other integration changes include:

Lesley Freeman, Chief Legal Officer, Ken Kay, Chief Financial Officer, Chris Ottinger, President, WW TV Distribution, and Stephen Bruno, Chief Marketing Officer, will join Chris Brearton’s leadership team. Lesley will continue to oversee Legal and Business Affairs.

The MGM HR, Finance & Accounting, and Communications leaders and teams will report through the respective Amazon functional teams. Jill Lerner, EVP HR, Matt Davidson, Chief Accounting Officer, and Katie Martin Kelley, Chief Communications Officer, will report to the Prime Video and Amazon Studios functional leaders: Jim Sterner, VP of HR, James Dibbo, VP of Finance, and Cory Shields, VP of PR, respectively. Amazon has a business partner structure where functional teams report through functional leaders but support, time, and focus are dedicated to their business, in this case, MGM. The day-to-day support from these leaders and teams will remain the same.

These reporting changes are effective immediately. Additionally, we will have targeted touchpoints to support transparency and two-way learning; your leaders will share these as they are defined. This is the beginning of our relationship operating together, and our goal is to enable the opportunities our future together holds! Thank you again for all of your hard work getting us here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your managers and/or [email protected] with questions.


SVP Prime Video & Amazon Studios

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