Alison Hammond caught out by This Morning fans over Line of Duty spoiler gaffe

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This Morning fans are experts on all things telly, as proven by the viewer reaction to an interview with a Line of Duty star on Thursday.

Actor Gregory Piper, who plays the spine-chilling PC Pilkington on the show, joined hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary in the studio.

However, eagle-eyed fans spotted Alison making a mistake during the interview, as she tried to glean a spoiler from the BBC star.

Alison asked Gregory whether he thought PC Pilkington would stretch to murder – only for fans to point out he already has.

"How far is your character actually going to go?" Alison wondered.

"Is he going to actually kill somebody? Do you think he will go that far?"

Gregory laughed and replied: "I mean… you’ve seen what he’s done before so I think anything is on the table."

In harrowing scenes on Line of Duty, Ryan Pilkington slit the throat of John Corbett, played by Steven Graham, exposing him as a mole.

And, two weeks ago, Ryan plunged a squad car into the lake, drowning his colleague PC Lisa Patel (Tara Divina) in a chilling plot twist.

Watching from home, viewers spotted Alison's blunder, as they wondered whether she had some catching up to do with the Line of Duty box set.

One Twitter user wrote: "Alison obvs doesn't watch as he's already killed someone in the lake!"

"@AlisonHammond obviously doesn't watch Line of Duty," added a second.

And a third grumpy fan added: "Would help if Alison on @thismorning could research before she interviews on the show… asking Gregory Piper from line of duty if he one day will kill someone? Sorry this interview is awkward to watch clearly not watched line of duty?"

"Alison, Ryan has already killed someone," penned a fourth.

Both Alison and Dermot couldn't get over Gregory's cheery off-camera persona, which is in stark contrast to his character's sinister behaviour on Line of Duty.

Commending his acting skills, Alison said: "You come across as sweet and innocent in real life. How much thought, and do you stay in role, are you one of those method actors on set? What sort of actor are you?"

"Yeah, not a method actor at all," he replied.

"Everyone's absolutely lovely as soon as you yell 'cut,' so definitely don’t stay in role with that."

This Morning airs on weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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