Alex Reid reveals fiancee Nikki is three weeks pregnant after heartbreaking two year IVF struggle

ALEX Reid revealed her fiancée Nikki is three weeks pregnant after their heartbreaking two year IVF struggle.

The cage fighter, 45, and his other half, 35, have suffered five miscarriages after trying for a baby for two years.

Alex – who is the ex-husband of Katie Price – revealed they are "hopeful" after discovering Nikki is pregnant.

Speaking on Instagram, he said: "More importantly, yesterday, Nicola my fiancée, we had two embryos put inside the oven.

"And we are currently until proven otherwise three weeks pregnant.

"Normally I wouldn't announce this because you're supposed to wait until several months.

"But because we're highlighting what's going on with the IVF journey, the cats already out the bag. I'm hopeful – we've put in two."

However, Alex said he hasn't been able to see his fiancée because she is on immunosuppressant drugs.

He added: "I'm also not happy because I don't get to see Nicola. Because she's on such powerful IVF drugs and immune-suppressant drugs to kill the immune system.

"Because we've lost five miscarriages due to her immune system killing the babies."

The couple started their fourth round of IVF in February of this year.

The former cruise ship performer met cage fighter Alex in a gym in 2013.

Nikki has previously opened up about the trolling she's faced after suffering miscarriages – with people cruelly telling her it's "karma".

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Nikki said: "Every time I would go through IVF I would see nasty comments online from trolls. 

"Having to read all that when I'm at my lowest was really tough. 

"I was told 'it's karma for being with Alex', 'look she's a fat mess he's downgraded' and 'thank God their baby died, who would want another one of them in the world?' 

"There will also be women private messaging Alex on Instagram saying 'she might not be able to carry your baby, but I can'. That happened literally the day after I miscarried. 

"People will message me telling me to give up and give my body a rest. 

"Then they'll be others who will create fake accounts to leave nasty comments. 

"We just want to start a family and be happy. But that's a struggle when we live in a world where everyone wants to air their opinion."

The couple had a "whirlwind" relationship at first, falling pregnant and moving in together within just months of meeting.

But Nikki suffered an ectopic pregnancy – which almost burst one of her Fallopian tubes.

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