Adult film star parents awkward encounter after pals discover lucrative career

Jess and Mike Miller opted to venture down a new career path just 18-months-ago, filming themselves in the bedroom.

The couple who married seven years ago starred in Channel 5' s Adults Only: Porn Star Parents and shared their most embarrassing encounters.

It's currently believed that over 100,000 people in the UK work in the sex industry, with it raking in almost £9 billion in revenue per year.

Mike and Jess who film all their NSFW footage themselves insist that their material is all-natural and that they do not work with other people.

The happily married couple first met when Mike was working as a personal trainer – a theme which flows through their content.

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While it's unclear how many children the pair have, Jess said: "When I talk to other women at the school they say, 'I can't believe you're doing that. My husband gets it once a month'."

Speaking about their material, they admitted that they are faced with complications as they attempt to film around their children.

"When we know we've got a certain amount of time before the school run – an hour. You know it's all going to go wrong," said Jess.

Despite the pair knowing that their secret would eventually become public knowledge – they expected it would take around six months for friends to find out, but it was less than one month before they were recognised.

Mike said that his phone was soon flooded with messages from friends after they realised they were watching videos with him in.

The pair who have raked in thousands of followers through their lucrative work film on a daily basis and keep organised with a schedule, including their "Filth Friday" and "Storytime Sunday".

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