Adam Henson opens up on relationship with late father ‘Always looking for his approval’

Adam Henson opens up on ‘looking for approval’ from his father

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Our Family Farm Rescue returned to Channel 5 on Tuesday as Adam Henson met with cattle farmers Will and Jess Jeans. The couple were struggling to make Bohetherick Farm financially viable and were looking to branch out into other business ventures. The Countryfile host opened up to Will about his relationship with his late father Joe Henson when he sensed the farmer was being held back by his past. 

Will and Jess live on a 200-acre farm that sits on the border between Cornwall and Devon in the Tamar Valley. 

The tenant farmers had a herd of 100 cows and 30 sheep but keeping livestock alone wasn’t providing them with a steady income. 

Will told Adam that in the last five years only two of those were profitable and the farm experienced a loss overall. 

Jess explained their plans to venture out into alpaca trekking by setting up a pen for the animals, a farm shop and a picnic area on a patch of land that couldn’t be used for livestock. 

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Adam noted: “They are taking a big financial risk but one they need to take if they want their farm to survive.”

Will opened up on his childhood and revealed he had been brought up on a tenant farm. 

However, his parents were forced to give up farming when they suffered a huge loss and couldn’t afford to renew their tenancy. 

Discussing their five-year tenancy, Will said: “It makes us feel incredibly nervous about investing in the farm.”

“I’m a tenant farmer myself and I don’t want that to hold them back,” Adam commented. 

Adam took Will to one side and encourage him to be brave despite what happened to his parents’ farming story. 

“Do you worry you might fail because of what your dad might think?” Adam asked Will.

“It’s my biggest worry,” the farmer confessed. “I want them to see me succeed I want to show them.”

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“My dad passed away at 83 and up to the day he died I was asking his advice and looking for his approval,” the presenter revealed. 

“That’s a good thing as long as you’re not looking over your shoulder worrying about what your dad thinks,” Adam noted. 

Reflecting on the couple’s chance of success, the Countryfile presenter admitted he was optimistic.

He said: “This farm has got so much to offer and they’re both entrepreneurial with lots of business ideas – they’ve got a good chance of success.

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“I just hope Will can overcome his fear of committing to a project on tenant land.”

Adam invited Will and Jess to visit his family farm Cotswold Farm Park which was founded in 1971 by father Joe.

Inspired by the farmer, the couple injected £12,000 of their savings into the project and set about transforming their land into an alpaca trekking business. 

The Countryfile presenter returned to the farm and was thrilled to discover how well their idea had been executed. 

Our Family Farm Rescue continues on Channel 5 on Tuesday at 9pm.

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