A Town Called Malice star ‘wasn’t sure he was up to’ playing role

A Town Called Malice trailer

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A Town Called Malice is coming to Sky and the series follows a gangster family who lost it all. After fleeing to the Costa del Sol, they try to convince their new friends and enemies they are not people to be messed with. George Jaques plays the only Lord grandchild, Anthony, and he spoke exclusively to about his role.

In the new series, Anthony is described as a brutish kid on the cusp of adulthood with ambitions to become a force within the Lord family.

As the only grandchild, he has been spoilt his whole life and is entitled and capricious.

Actor Jaques admitted these traits will lead him into mischief as the season progresses.

The star revealed he was initially sceptical about embracing a character who was so unlike himself.

He told “I read the script when I got back from filming The Serpent Queen and it was the polar opposite of that.

“He was an incredibly flawed and entitled character who is really quite nasty in the show.

“When I read it there were so many traits that I found so horrendous and not nice, so it was a really tough one to try and find something good in him.

“But that’s a thing you have to do in all these bad characters, you have to find what makes them human still and that can be really difficult.”

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The star explained the interesting way he was able to connect with his character.

He said: “With Anthony in particular I remember when I was prepping for the role I wrote a diary for each episode.

“And I listened to a lot of music and the other thing I did… there was an aftershave called CK Obsession and I remember smelling that and being like ‘that’s 100 per cent what he would wear’.

“For me, it really worked.” He did say he had always loved the idea of playing a gangster in a drama.

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Speaking ahead of the show’s launch, he said Anthony was described as a “huge, aggressive” character.

He added: “I thought, ‘well, this really isn’t me at all. How can I play a hardened South London gangster when I’m literally five foot eight and don’t look very tough?’

“So I wasn’t quite sure I was up to that challenge. But fortunately, Nick Love offered me the role.”

Describing his character in more detail he explained: “He’s deeply flawed. We can’t forget that he’s an absolute toe-rag.

“He’s a really entitled young man who’s had everything he’s ever wanted, when he wants it.

“When someone says no to him, it’s quite disturbing for him. And yet Anthony is also really troubled.

“I was chatting to Nick about this quite a bit and we wanted to emphasise that he’s still a kid.

“That was something that we were really keen on showing; even in his darkest scenes, you have to remember that he’s still just on the cusp of adulthood.”


The official synopsis for the series reads: “Set in the 1980s, the Lord family is past their criminal heydays, but that does not mean they do not feel nostalgic for it.

“Gene, the youngest of the family, feels overlooked and neglected by his family who fail to recognise his intelligence and killer instincts.

“After narrowly surviving a gangland battle, Gene and his fiancée Cindy flee to the Costa del Sol, Spain to evade arrest and find themselves embroiled in the local underworld, desperately trying to avoid trouble.

“Things heat up even further when the rest of the Lords join them on the Costa del Sol and try to reclaim their halcyon day as criminal top dogs.”

A Town Called Malice airs on Sky 

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