A Place In the Sun guest floors viewers by grabbing bargain apartment for £20k

A Place In the Sun guest Kelly has left viewers impressed when she found a holiday home with plenty of facilities and a pool for just over £20,000.

Kelly, from Essex, was looking for an apartment on a complex in Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, Sunny Beach, for her mother and daughter.

In the episode, which originally aired at the end of 2019, and was shown again on Channel 4 on November 16, host Scarlette Douglas introduced five properties around the area and one of them located in the suburb, next to the green hills of Stara Planina mountain.

The one-bed apartment at The Vineyards Resort comes with access to two communal pools as well as a spa centre, restaurants and bars.

With a budget of £25,000, Kelly brought her friend Angie to help pick the right property for her and her family.

After the viewing, Kelly made a decision to go for the out-of-town property.

She says: "The second property, the out of town one, which was just full-on glamour. Walked in, all the wows, but it was that little bit further away that you couldn't walk anywhere"

But friend Angie said the 15-minute bus journey to the town centre didn't put them off as the location is not "actually in the middle of nowhere".

Scarlette tells Kelly: "So the property is on the market at just under £22,000. What would you like to offer?"

Kelly answers: "We want to try £20,000."

The host puts the offer through and the agent calls back with a counter-offer of £20,500 with all furnitures included.

Agreeing to pay an extra £500, Kelly secures the luxury property.

Viewers were shocked by the cheap property price in the popular holiday spot.

One commented: "Gobsmacked at just how cheap the property is out there! The place they got was really nice and for just over £20k."

"They got a great property," another wrote. "If that was in Spain it would have cost well over £100k."

A third added: "Watching A Place In The Sun, holiday apartment in Bulgaria is less than £22k?! Wouldn't get a garage for that here!"

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