7 ways Faith Dingle's return will affect Emmerdale

She may have left Emmerdale as a pariah, but Faith Dingle looks set to risk the wrath of her family by making a return in the weeks ahead. Actress Sally Dexter has already resumed filming on the ITV soap, with Faith resurfacing in a madcap (and maybe slightly macabre?) storyline involving a stolen funeral hearse.

But once Faith embeds herself into village life again, what impact will she end up having on those around her? Might there be ding-dongs with her fellow Dingles? Are we set for ructions with the community at large? Here’s a rundown of who may well be affected by Faith’s unexpected comeback:


With the Dingle family patriarch having already had quite the history with Faith, there’s a chance that romance could be rekindled between the two of them. Without Lisa to keep him in line, Zak could be in danger of appearing rudderless. But passion with Faith would certainly spice things up, especially if it also raised Bear’s hackles and sparked a hairy showdown.

Mackenzie and Cain

Moira’s smug brother needs taking down a peg or two – and Faith is just the woman to do it. Cue protestations from Cain that the last thing he needs is his mum fighting his battles, only for Faith to then prove her worth by framing Mackenzie for a local crime. Can’t you just picture a triumphant Faith chucking the balaclava she’s worn in a raid onto a brazier just as Mack is busted by the police?

Eric and Brenda

Priapic Pollard always seems to have women fighting for his affections – and current partner Brenda might well have some strong competition should Faith stake her claim. The two of them parted on bad terms, but time is a great healer. So, what’s the betting that there’ll soon be a slanging match in the café involving flying pastries and smoothies?

Sarah, Debbie and Charity

During her previous stint on the show, Faith was heavily involved in Sarah’s decision-making process over the state of her health (remember that kidnap attempt?). With that in mind, it’s doubtful Faith would approve of Sarah’s association with delinquent Danny. Should he make any further trouble, Faith is likely to string him up by his hoodie before railing at Debbie and Charity for what she’d perceive as being their negligence.

Chas and Paddy

The introduction of mother-in-law gags may, in theory, sound like a retrograde step. But a certain amount of eye-rolling from Paddy will be inevitable as Faith provides unwanted advice on his life with new wife Chas. No doubt they’ll be warnings aplenty about what she’d do should the Padster stray: “Dogs won’t be the only thing getting neutered in that surgery of yours” etc.

Mandy, Paul and Vinny

With viewers despairing when it comes to Paul’s subterfuge, Faith could be a contender when it comes to exposing his deceit. Perhaps she could become a confidante for Vinny, who reveals all about his dad’s beatings? And then the next time Paul throws a punch, Faith taps him on the shoulder, knees him in the privates and says, ‘Bet you never saw that one coming’ as he collapses in agony.

Aaron and Liv

Faith will need a base of operations and where better than at Mill Cottage? From here, she could meddle in grandson Aaron’s love life and form a tight bond with Liv, too. It’s also quite a prestigious property and one befitting of a soap matriarch who could end up being a pretender to Kim’s throne. Let’s hope Ms Tate doesn’t go near any more balconies in the future…

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