5 Signs You’re Watching Too Much TV

Most of us enjoy watchingTV now and then, but sometimes watching your favorite shows can become a habitthat’s hard to break. How do you know when you’re watching a little too much TV?Here’s what experts and regular folks told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

 1. You skip work to watch TV

Missing work for any reason other than illness or a major emergency is a big no-no. If television has become such a big part of your life that you’re ignoring work responsibilities, it’s time to change some things. Rachel Davidson, founder of Watchdog Pest Control told us she used to be so consumed with television that she sometimes didn’t go to work. “I’ve been there. I didn’t go out of my room and binge-watched, calling off work for a couple of days. All because the show was too good and could not get enough of completing the seasons!”

2. You watch TV shows you don’t even like

When you’re binging on shows you don’t even like, you knowyou have a problem. If you feel like you need to have your television on, evenif the show is a program you can’t stand, that should clue you in thatsomething isn’t normal about your television viewing habits. Project Untethered blogger MitchGlass told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that at one time in his life he watched shows hedisliked so he could forget how lonely he felt:

When you’re caught up in the world of your favorite characters, you forget about how lonely you are. That is, until the episode ends. Then you have to decide whether you’re going to face reality or watch just one more. At one point, I was watching entire series of TV shows I didn’t even like, just to avoid feeling lonely. That’s when you know things are getting out of control.

 3. You can’t sleep without television

It’s important to get enough sleep, but if you can’t sleepwithout the television on, you may be at a point where you’ve become toodependent on it. Anupriya Basu, writer for, saysnot being able to sleep without her television clued her in to a bigger problemshe was having with TV dependency. “I realize my TV watching is going out ofhand when I can’t sleep without watching all the episodes of a show or feelextremely sad when a show ends. To fight that sadness, I start looking for anew show that will be as engrossing and feel content only when I have foundsomething similar.”

4. You ignore emergencies

Are you putting television ahead of your personal safety? It’stime to take a step back and re-evaluate your TV watching. Umair Ahmad Khan, bloggerat Explainopedia, says an inability tostop watching an episode so you can take care of more important things is acause for concern. “One sign your television watching has gotten out of controlis when you’re not able to let go of a new episode even if there is someemergency.”

5. You don’t want to do anything but watch television

When taking care of your basic needs takes a back seat to your favoriteshow, this is a big sign you’re watching too much television. Self-care should beat the top of your list. Kristiana Kripena, owner of TV Show Pilot says choosing television overcaring for yourself is a red flag. “I think some surefire ways to tell thatyou’re TV watching is getting way out of hand and is bordering an addiction isif you can’t stop watching a show and choose to binge the next episode insteadof eating, sleeping, or interacting with the real world. Or if you’re watchingTV all day everyday instead of working, studying, or otherwise being afunctioning part of society.”

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