40 Wild Rules You Didn’t Know ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestants Have to Follow

Chris Bukowski said, “In Paradise, it’s always 5:00. I woke up in the morning and I had a glass of vodka soda—actually two—before I went down to the house. I didn’t eat anything. There’s not much to do.”

Less a rule, more a way of life. This one comes straight from Wells, who said, “No one drinks beer because everyone is terrified of carbs. The only people that drank beer were [Chris] Bukowski and…me, probably.”

In the words of Wells, “So Hannah G. started the trend of this horrible drink called Happy Juice, which is white wine and Red Bull and it was so gross. It’s an allegory for Paradise: weird and gross but also, like, makes a lot of sense because you’ve got to stay up late. At the beginning, everyone made fun of it and by the end of it, everyone was drinking it!”


At least according to Dylan, who revealed this nugget of info during his rant against The Bachelor. When asked if people simply sign onto the show for a free vacation, he said, “I think it’s a mix. Absolute wild experience, but there’s a chance you meet someone for real. You all take psych exams, so you could be scientifically matched.”

“They have psychologists on board, and it’s their job to mentally assess you to see how you’re going to react to situations,” Kalon McMahon said back in 2014. “I have to admit they are very good at their jobs.”

Since swim trunks aren’t exactly conducive to microphone packs, ABC makes the men wear matching necklaces with a mic built in. Truly the cutting edge of fashion and technology over here.

Obviously, signing your life away to Bachelor in Paradise means you gotta kiss on camera—but fear not, producers will turn around! This also comes from my new favorite person Dylan Barbour, who said, “Looooool, yeah the producers just turn around” when a fan asked, “Is it awkward making out with all the cameras/crew staring at you?”

If contestants get a fantasy suite date, they have to wait all night long for actual one-on-one time. According to Evan Bass, “Couples really only get a few hours of alone time,” and the fantasy suite portion “doesn’t start until the wee morning hours. Ours was 2:30 a.m.”

“You’re around enough people who have everything that no matter what, you’re fine,” Bibiana Julian told Refinery29. “You end up using everybody’s stuff. It’s like one big dressing room.”

‘Kay, so this isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means (and lord knows I haven’t shaved or waxed in over a year)—but lots of contestants get waxed before heading to Paradise.

“I got a Brazilian wax and lasered my mustache and armpits,” Alexis Waters told Refinery29, while Dominique Alexis said, “I actually waxed for the first time for Paradise! It was quite the experience.”

Wells Adams was a bartender on BiP season 6, and yep: He actually worked full-time. “I’m there every day and would usually work like an eight- or nine-hour shift,” he told TV Insider. “So yeah, I’d get up there, go set the bar up, and then they’d start sending people down to my bar. And it depends—if it’s a rose ceremony, then that’s a night shoot. So generally, if I’m there really, really late and then they’d give me the morning off.”

Ultimately, producers have the final say in what goes down on this show. Example? Katie Morton said that her post-show reunion with Chris Bukowski was brutal thanks to production taking her ring.

“I asked for it, and they said no,” she told Olivia Caridi. “They brought it out during a time when they felt it was necessary. Whenever I get really stressed, I’ll also randomly cry. So Chris Harrison said, ‘I see you’re not wearing your ring,’ and that was a breath of like, ‘If I could only f*cking say it…’ I didn’t know how to say that this wasn’t my choice.”

“There are cameras everywhere and there’s nowhere to hide,” a former producer told People. “So when cast members behave outrageously, they allow themselves to forget there are cameras and just get caught up in the moment.”

This horrifying BTS fact comes courtesy of Wells, who told TV Insider, “This is something that people don’t realize: All of those day beds that everyone goes and like sits on and stuff? Those get wet and then inevitably get moldy smelling. By the end of the season, those daybeds are nasty. If you’ve gotten to the end there and you’re about to get engaged, uh, you’re avoiding those.” Truly…help.

While cameras are never not lurking, it sounds like what happens in the ocean stays in the ocean. Just ask Raven Gates, who said, “When I was on, [Adam Gottschalk] would take me into the ocean and say some dirty sh*t to me.”

Bachelor in Paradise is filmed at an actual resort in Sayulita, Mexico, called the Playa Escondida—and everyone is basically trapped there. Except when they go on dates, which typically take place at…

It’s called Vidanta Resort Nuevo Vallarta, and Glamour reports that a ton of the special one-on-one dates on BiP go down here.

Per Glamour, the Vidanta Resort Nuevo Vallarta is where the Bachelor in Paradise production offices are based and where former host Chris Harrison holed up. Weirdly, it’s a full hour away from Playa Escondida.

They’re basically just on vacation. Former host Chris told Glamour that he was essentially straight chilling—like, to the point where his family and friends visited him.

“Honestly, I get a lot of downtime. I’m here at the resort. My kids come into town. My friends come into town. It was hard for me to leave planet Earth and come down to Mexico the first time we did this three years ago, but about halfway through our time in Tulum, it was like, ‘Wait a minute. This is the greatest gig in the world! Let’s unplug and just enjoy.’ It’s my summer camp.”

So if you’re wondering why everyone looks so sweaty on camera…there’s literally no AC. Why would they do this to people, you ask? To make sure contestants ditch the comfort of their rooms and head outside to the beach or pool. As Mikey Tenerelli told Flare, “You got out of the shower and you were basically sweating again.”

Thank god, because we already know what happens when you mix reality TV and politics, ahem.

But yeah, while the BiP cast has already been vetted by producers, the eligibility form to be part of Bachelor Nation makes this pretty clear: “Applicants may not presently be a candidate for any type of elected political office (‘Candidate’) and may not become a Candidate from the time the application is submitted until at least one (1) year after initial broadcast of the last episode of the Program in which the applicant appears, if selected.”

Oh, so you think the weddings in Paradise are real? Nah, turns out, everyone is faking it. Marcus Grodd dropped this bombshell after he and Lacy Faddoul got married at the end of BiP season 2, saying the ceremony wasn’t legal: “When we came back, we were supposed to start the paperwork. But she stalled. I feel duped.”

CNN obtained the contract and had it looked at by NYC-based attorney Nicole Page, who said that it gives the producers permission to “basically take your image and do whatever [they] want with it and [they] own it and you have no recourse.”

It’s right there in the contract, which gives ABC “the right to change, add to, take from, edit, translate, reformat or reprocess…in any manner Producer may determine in its sole discretion.”

Even contestants on other franchises, like Bachelor in Paradise Australia star Cassandra Mamone, don’t always love what they see. Cassandra called out the show, saying, “I own whatever comes out of my mouth directly but I will not own pieces of different interviews at different times pieced together to steer a narrative. Thank you to those who realized the editing on this ripper!”

Blake Horstmann once went on a rant about producers manipulating him, saying, “Okay, so this is gonna be a long one…but f*ck it, I’m off contract…When I received the date card, I 100% planned to take Hannah. I even left my interview saying I was gonna take Hannah. When I walked out of the interview, three producers sat me down for close to an hour and convinced me to take Tayshia. It was 100% my decision; they didn’t force me or anything, but at that point I really truly did trust the producers and that they had my best interest. Obviously, I was very wrong and they didn’t want me to be happy with Hannah bc that would have very much ruined their plans for the season…”

This comes courtesy of another fun part of the contract, which states “actions and the actions of others displayed in the Series may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing or of an otherwise unfavorable nature and may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation, or condemnation.”


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