17 Emmerdale spoilers for next week – from Maya’s dramatic day in court to Robert and Victoria's emotional fall out

Emmerdale fans are in for a treat next week as the ITV soap is packed with edge-of-your-seat drama.

There are lives on the line and a shock reunion in the village that will surprise everyone. Want to know more? Read on for 17 huge Emmerdale spoilers.


Victoria is furious when she finds the posters Robert made of Lee featuring the word ‘rapist’.

She’s even crosser when she finds out he and Aaron fly-posted them that morning.
Meanwhile, Amy agrees to go on a date with Nate but they’re interrupted when Kerry and Tracy confront him, berating him for dating Amy so soon after sleeping with Tracy.
And Billy is horrified when he discovers that Max is back in town.


Amy flirts with Nate while she’s meant to be taking care of Kyle – and he disappears. They frantically search for him.
Later Nate realises Kyle has trapped himself in the garage which is now full of smoke. He desperately tries to break the garage down and save him, will he
rescue the little lad in time?
Megan tells Jai that she doesn’t want Eliza to visit her in prison if she gets sent down.
Aaron decides to try and fix things between Robert and Victoria and urges his sis-in-law to see things from her brother’s point of view. When they meet up by Jack’s grave, Robert promises Vic he’ll always be there for her.

David is nervous ahead of his first therapy session and, when there, he blames himself for what happened with Jacob.


Jacob is devastated when he sees a live stream on Noah’s phone of Maya being harassed by a group of girls. He runs off to help her.
Maya’s façade cracks later and she tells Jacob to get in her car.

They kiss and share an embrace, while Maya is in court the next day.

Jai and Lauren grow closer.


It’s D-Day for Maya as she receives her verdict in court. Will she be facing jail time?
Pete and Matty have a heart-to-heart.

Jamie has suspicions over his mum, believing she’s stirring things up. He talks to Andrea about his worries.
Rhona makes a false accusation.


At the end of the week, Pete comes to Kim’s rescue when her car gets stuck in the mud. But when
she insists he stays for a drink at Home Farm, what does she have in mind?
Elsewhere, Charity gives a struggling David an idea to win around Jacob – but will it work?

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